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Chapter 975: Burning A Dharma Characteristic

Dao Lord Red Tiger released his aura and channeled his Dharmic powers, but he could not extinguish the flames on his arm no matter what.

Instead, the scarlet flame burned brighter and brighter, almost engulfing his entire body!

“Extreme Fire, you!”

Dao Lord Red Tiger glared with bloodshot eyes, enraged!

He had not expected Dao Lord Extreme Fires reaction to be so intense when he was merely testing the waters – one of his arms was already crippled!

He had not cultivated to the Conjoint Body realm and was unable to regenerate severed limbs yet.

A crippled arm had a huge impact on Dao Lord Red Tiger who specialized in melee combat and body tempering – his combat strength would be reduced by at least 30%!

What was even more frightening was that the flame was not extinguished!


Dao Lord Red Tigers body swayed.

An illusory figure rushed out from behind him.

It was 50 feet tall and burst through the roof of the hall in an instant, emitting a domineering and powerful aura.

Every single move it made caused the world to tremble!

Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic!

Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were the strongest techniques of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

That was also the reason why this realm was known as the Dharma Characteristic realm!

Normally, no cultivator would use their Dharma Characteristic unless it was at the final moment.

Be it Nascent Souls or Void Reversions, the Dharmic arts they released required hand seals, incantations or their Essence Spirits as mediums to draw in Heaven and Earth powers.

However, once a cultivator reached the Dharma Characteristic realm, their Essence Spirit would rise to another realm and they would be able to connect to Heaven and Earth.

By fusing their bodies into Heaven and Earth, they achieve harmonization with Dharmic powers and synergize completely with the firmaments.

From there, they conjure their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics!

Even after cultivating to the Dharma Characteristic realm, the bodies of most cultivators were still incomparable to demons.

However, Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics could compare to the strength of demons and they could engage in melee combat!

In essence, Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were also Dharmic arts.

However, the existence of Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics allowed one to utilize Heaven and Earth powers directly without the need for Dharmic incantations or arts – they were even more direct and berserk!

Of course, there were also differences in strength between Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics.

A single punch from a powerful Dharma Characteristic was enough to overturn rivers and oceans.

A single stomp was enough to shatter mountains!

The larger the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic, the more Heaven and Earth powers it could control and the stronger it was!

Typically speaking, a Dharma Characteristic that was 50 feet tall was already considered outstanding.

If one could form a Dharma Characteristic that was 60 feet tall, he would definitely be considered as a paragon!

The renowned 18 Meters Metal Body of Diamond Monastery was a 60 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic!

If one could condense a Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic that was 70 feet tall, they would be a peerless paragon that appeared once in a thousand years.

Boundless opportunities and massive fortunes were required for one of these paragons to be born.

One could be considered as a monster incarnate if they could condense a 80 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic!

They could naturally sweep through anyone of the same level with ease!

Almost all the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Rankings could condense 80 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics!

Of course, it was said that the highest grade Dharma Characteristic was 90 feet!

Nine was an extreme number.

An existence that could cultivate a Dharma Characteristic that was 90 feet tall was extremely rare and could be considered as a peerless monster incarnate!

It was not only dependent on the cultivators bloodline, opportunities, luck, talent, physique or the nurturing of a sect.

There were many other factors as well and it even depended on the environment of the cultivation world!

In the ancient era, in order to escape the fate of being enslaved, the human race rose against the tides!

It was a glorious era that belonged to the human race!

In that sort of environment, countless paragons and monster incarnates appeared – there was no lack of existences that could cultivate 90 feet Dharma Characteristics!

Almost all of those existences that did not die prematurely were already conferred as emperors!

Without that sort of environment, without the pressure of life and death, without many powerful and terrifying enemies, it would be difficult for the human race to produce such monster incarnates!

Right now, it was already quite rare for Dao Lord Red Tiger of Tyrant Emperor Mountain to be able to condense a Dharma Characteristic that was more than 50 feet tall!

Its might was shocking as well.

Its massive body smashed through the metal roof of the entire hall and countless debris fell one after another, creating a mess in the hall.

In the hall, Nangong Ling and the other cultivators with lower cultivation retreated and hid at the side.

Only the Dao Lords could maintain their composure.

Everyone frowned slightly.

For Dao Lord Red Tiger to be forced to this extent and even release his Dharma Characteristic, it was clear how terrifying that scarlet flame was!


After releasing his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic, the flames on Dao Lord Red Tigers body were suppressed instantly, flickering and showing signs of extinguishing.


Dao Lord Extreme Fire harrumphed coldly and tapped his finger gently, causing a streak of red light to shoot into the flames.


The flames blazed and burned the skies!

The intensity of the flames engulfed Dao Lord Red Tigers Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic entirely, causing it to burn furiously with scarlet flames bursting forth from the thick smoke!


The 50 foot tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic struggled in the flames and waved its arms, but it could not extinguish the flames on its body.


Dao Lord Red Tiger could not escape as well and was burned by the flames.

His flesh turned into ashes and his bones turned red, almost transparent!

Even his Essence Spirit could not escape from that blazing flame!

At that moment, his Essence Spirit was about to be burned into nothingness!

“Extreme Fire, you… are… ruthless!”

Dao Lord Red Tigers hoarse voice sounded from within the flames.

According to his original plan, he would test the waters himself.

Even if he was not a match for the other party, he would just bow his head and retreat at the most!

However, he had not expected Dao Lord Extreme Fire to not give him the chance!

Less than that, he had not expected Dao Lord Extreme Fire to be so strong and possess such terrifying combat strength!

Even his Dharma Characteristic could not defend against Dao Lord Extreme Fires flames!

Many Dao Lords looked at the bright flames in silence with different expressions.

For example, Dao Lord Breaking Skies of Zephyr Thunder Palace and Dao Lord Fire Cloud of Heavenly Dipper Sect had no impression of Dao Lord Extreme Fire originally.

However, everyones impression of Dao Lord Extreme Fire gradually became clearer after this exchange.

Domineering, overbearing and decisive to kill!

No matter what, Dao Lord Red Tiger was a Dao Lord of Tyrant Emperor Mountain and was not a nobody.

Now that Extreme Fire had killed him, that was proof of one thing.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire wanted to protect Su Zimo!

He did not hesitate to kill a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord or even offend an Upper Sect like Tyrant Emperor Mountain!

At the same time.

Not far away from Hundred Refinement Sect, cultivators with powerful auras stood in the air, looking over.

They were all Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

Some of the cultivators came from one of the 108 Upper Sect, some were itinerant cultivators.

However, there were also immortal sects such as such as Soaring Feather Sect!

When these Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords looked in the direction of Hundred Refinement Sect and caught sight of that Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic that was blazing in raging flames and was howling in misery, their eyes were filled with shock.

“Seems like Extreme Fire has returned!”

“From the looks of it, hes no weaker than he was back then!”

“Everyone, lets go! Since Extreme Fire has returned, all of us old friends have to congratulate him no matter what!”

The reason why these Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords did not enter Hundred Refinement Sect was because they were watching.

If the rumors were true that Dao Lord Extreme Fire was not dead and had returned in a domineering manner, they would pay him a congratulatory visit.

5,000 years ago, Dao Lord Extreme Fire was way too famous.

Coupled with his status as a Weapon Refinement Grandmaster, his influence was even greater than many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

If Extreme Fire had not returned or if his methods were far inferior compared to before, they would not appear lest they incur the wrath of Chaos Essence Sect and the other immortal sects.

In the distant horizon, a black-robed cultivator flew over with a cold expression.

He carried a blood-red saber on his shoulder and his killing intent filled the air.

The person looked in the direction of Hundred Refinement Sect and murmured, “Thankfully, Im not late.”

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