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After all, Gao Yong would only come to the Su family tomorrow.

In that case, the Su family still had enough time to prepare.

As long as Lin Fan came, he could save the Su family.

One night was the limit.

If the Gao family came looking for her and Lin Fan wasnt here yet, Su Qiuyi wouldnt dare to offend Gao Yong.

Gao Yongs motive for coming to the Su family was obvious.

At that time, Su Qiuyi could only marry Su Muqing to Gao Yong.

Other than that, there was no other way.

Thinking about it, if Gao Yong sent someone to propose marriage, the Su family would not dare to offend Gao Yong, much less reject his goodwill.

After all, Su Qiuyi had to consider the big picture.

She could not abandon the safety of the entire Su family for her own selfish interests.

Su Muqing listened to her relatives and did not speak.

She knew that these relatives and friends were all after money.

She could have joined the Su Family Organization.

Even if she could not replace her sister, she could have done some other work.

But back then, these relatives and friends did not let her in.

The reason was that she was still young and had to go out to train.

How could a big company like the Su Corporation be handed over to a child

Su Muqings parents felt that it made sense and did not let her work in the Su Family Organization.

Although he let Su Muqing be Lin Fans assistant, in the eyes of Su Muqings parents, this wasnt training but a random job for her.

The Su family had specially asked Su Muqing to be his assistant.

To put it nicely, it was to learn the process, increase her knowledge, and increase her ability.

However, only the relatives and friends of the Su family knew that if Su Muqing entered the Su Family Organization, she would be a threat to them.

In the future, when they split the money, they would not be able to get much.

Now that the company was in a crisis, all her relatives and friends asked her to stand up again.

And she was just a girl, a girl who could not resist.

Everyone stood on the side of righteousness to tell her.

For the safety of the Su family, she had to marry Gao Yong.

Unless Su Muqing could think of a way to save the Su family.

But… what did all of this have to do with a 19-year-old girl like her

She had just graduated from university and was not even at the legal age to get married.

She had not even celebrated her 20th birthday and had been pulled here.

She had to make a sacrifice for her family.

To others, it had no effect.

To her, that was her lifelong happiness.

The most ridiculous thing was that Su Muqing would have placed her hopes on her parents.

In the end, her parents told her that it was her honor to marry Gao Yong.

Yes, were her parents wrong They werent.

What kind of person was Gao Yong He was the overlord of Jiang City, the future heir of the Gao Corporation, and the person in charge of the entire Gao family.

In the eyes of the outside world, Gao Yong was a successful person.

There were countless girls who wanted to marry Gao Yong.

In the eyes of Su Muqings parents, marrying Gao Yong was the right thing to do.

If Su Muqing wanted to defend herself, her parents would say that everything was for her own good.

No matter what, it was for her own good.

Su Muqing stopped resisting.

Her savior was Lin Fan.

She knew that Lin Fan would definitely come today and Gao Yong would only come tomorrow.

As long as Lin Fan came, all the problems would be resolved.

Lin Fan was her last hope.


There was a knock on the door.

Su Muqings eyes lit up.

Her beautiful eyes looked at the entrance of the Su family.

Her clear eyes saw hope.

Su Muqing smiled sweetly and stood up, preparing to welcome him.

Boss Lin was here.

As long as Boss Lin came here, he could protect her.

In the entire world, the only person she could trust was Lin Fan and not her family.

Su Muqings beautiful eyes seemed to light up.

Even her life was lit up at this moment.

The Su familys door opened.

There was a buzz.

Su Muqings face was pale as she sat on the ground weakly.

The person who came wasnt Lin Fan.

It was Gao Yong!

Gao Yong was here!!!

“Why…” Su Muqing said as tears rolled down her cheeks silently.

Wasnt Gao Yong coming tomorrow

Why was Gao Yong already here

Gao Yong did not give her a chance to prepare.

They did not give the Su family any chance to prepare.

Gao Yong was here.

It also meant that… she had to marry Gao Yong.

The Prince Charming she was waiting for did not appear.

At that moment, Su Muqings eyes lost all their luster.

She felt her world turn dark.

She thought that it would be like a television drama where the male lead would shine and illuminate her world.

However, the person who appeared was not him.

It was Gao Yong.

Gao Yong had more than ten bodyguards beside him.

Every bodyguard was holding a huge box.

The outside of the box was connected with red satin.

Every box was opened and shone with golden light.

They were all betrothal gifts from the Gao family to the Su family.

Gao Yong was wearing a suit and was very enthusiastic.

Seeing that Gao Yong was here so early, Su Qiuyi was stunned for a moment, and a hint of pain flashed across her eyes.

Gao Yong chose to come early.

This meant that Lin Fan couldnt save her anymore.

Everything was already set in stone.

It was over.

This was Gao Yongs scheming.

Gao Yong chose to kill Lin Fan.

At the same time, he wanted to have Su Muqing.

In order not to give the Su family any chance to prepare, Gao Yong went straight to the Su family.

The Su family only had one choice.

Su Qiuyi tidied her appearance and hurriedly went forward to welcome him.

She extended her hand and said, “Good afternoon, CEO Gao.

Speaking of which, didnt CEO Gao say that a genius was coming He came today.

Hes too close and didnt even have time to welcome CEO Gao.”

Gao Yong shook Su Qiuyis hand and said with a smile, “Haha, its fine.

Dont care about these formalities.

If the Su family is in trouble, of course I can come earlier.

Leave the Su familys matters to me.

Its just two billion, a simple matter.”

Although he said that, Gao Yong could not help but feel his heart ache.

This was two billion yuan in cash.

Even if the Gao family wanted to take out so much cash, it would hurt for a while.

Gao Yong took out so much money.

First of all, he wanted to get a gentle girl like Su Muqing.

If he could bring her to bed, who knew what kind of extreme experience it would be

Secondly, Gao Yong could gradually control the Su family.

In that case, why would he care if he only had to pay two billion in profits

Su Muqings parents also came forward warmly.

After exchanging pleasantries for a while, Gao Yong looked at Su Muqings parents and smiled warmly.

“Uncle, Auntie, Ive actually always liked Muqing.

Ive been paying attention to her since she was in university.

Today, Im here to propose marriage to Uncle and Auntie.”

Su Muqings delicate body trembled slightly.

She lowered her head and leaned weakly against the wall.

Was it… too late


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