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Chapter 1128: ThroughTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Hearing what Xie Yan asked, Sword Two stopped and turned to Xie Yan with confusion.

“Are you asking me if our Elder Miss has any messages for you No, Mr.


Sword Two had constantly been away from Elder Miss because he needed to run business, but he was present when Mr.

Xie and Elder Miss was making the deal, so he knew that there was a deal between them – if Mr.

Xie told Elder Miss what she wanted, Elder Miss would protect him for one month.

One month had already passed, and both sides had fulfilled their promises.

What other messages would there be

Sword Two just did not understand.

Seeing how Sword Two reacted, Xie Yan realized that he was telling the truth.

Gu Chaoyan had not left any messages for him.

He might not trust Sword One fully, but he did trust Sword Two.

Xie Yan looked very stricken.

Had he always misunderstood her

If he had misunderstood her, then he was in a dilemma.

Now he had come to Dazhou, and it was impossible to go back.

After all, it took him a great deal of effort to come to Dazhou.

If he left now, Xie Yan did not think that was right.

He suddenly thought of the words Sword One said to him.

He suddenly realized something.

Sword One was not tricking him.

She was reminding him! And he had misunderstood her completely.

Xie Yan suddenly felt very confused.

Sword Two observed Xie Yan, but did not understand what caused Mr.

Xie to be dumbfounded.


Xie, is there anything else you want to say” Sword Two asked.

“No… nothing.” Xie Yan answered.

Sword Two did not think the situation was right, but Xie Yan said nothing more, so he nodded.

“Then I am leaving now.”

Then he hurried off directly.

Those hidden guards had their rules.

They could not possibly report the whole message to their leader so Sword Two had to return before the evening, which made him anxious.

He got onto the horse and dashed off.

Xie Yan left as he saw the mans retreating figure.

He suddenly realized that he had brought himself too much trouble.

He thought for a while and realized that Gu Chaoyan did speak highly of his talent, but she had never had the intention of hiring him!

And she had never spoken of this before.

He had just added too many subconscious thoughts!

He was an excellent strategist who once worked for the Crown Prince, so she spoke highly of his talent and even kept him safe, whilst the whole Xinlin Mansion treated him nicely too.

He had thought that Gu Chaoyan was doing this with an intention, but it seemed that he had misunderstood something.

Gu Chaoyan had no intention, other than being a person who kept her promise and stuck to the rules.

Xinlin Mansion treated him well, not because he was Xie Yan, but because he was a guest, who should always be treated like this.

The most excellent person there was Gu Chaoyan, not himself.

Xie Yan suddenly understood the whole thing.


At Xinlin Mansion.

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