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Chapter 1257: The Chu Familys Plan 2

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Chu Yu sat down with a very serious look on his face.

He looked at his father and saw some traces of blood on his blouse.

He must have gotten that in the court and he had not gotten the time to clean up.

He was very clear minded.

It was time to make a decision about the Chu Familys future.

“Lord Huai was born by the Queen.

For the Saint Divine Land, he is the lineal son.

Lord Huai was considered as lethal and unreasonable, but after I spent some time with Lord Huai, I realize that some of that are just rumors, and some are just his ways of protecting himself.”


“After General Jiang passed away, the Jiang Family lost their supporters.

It was Lord Huais ability which allowed him to stay firm on the ground, when he was faced with someone like Lord Ling, who has the Yao Family as his back supporter.”



“Apart from the Crown Prince, the only princes remaining are Lord Yan and Lord Yu as well as Lord Huai.”


“Lord Huai is capable of staying firm on the ground.

He was born by the Queen.

He even has Lady Chaoyan behind him.

Lord Huai is the most suitable candidate for us to side with,” Chu Tian said with determination.

The words had just been spoken when he looked at Chu Yu and asked with a low voice, sounding hoarse and serious.

“Yu, what do you think”

“We cant let the Crown Prince take over the Saint Divine Land!” Chu Yu said with determination.

“I agree with you!”

Hearing that, Chu Tian realized that the future of the Chu Family was already confirmed.

He let out a sigh of relief.

He sounded relaxed.

He believed that there was hope in front of him.

He had something to look forward to.

Chu Tian patted Chu Yus shoulders.

“Okay, too much has happened today.

You can go and take a rest.

You shall visit Xinlin Mansion tomorrow.”

Chu Yu nodded.

Because of this decision that was made, some hope arose.

Chu Tian went to the ancestral hall of the Chu Family later.

The following day…

It was still quiet in the Saint Divine Land.

Civilians were still soaked in the victory news arriving from Jiayu Pass.

For them, they believed that victory would bring them a good and peaceful life.

Everything seemed quiet in the court as well.

Morning sessions took place as usual, as if nothing had happened the day before.


Apart from the fact that the officers had learned that it was the Crown Prince Consort who saved the day.

Nothing else happened.


Chu Yu came to Xinlin Mansion early in the morning.

He was there to discuss something, so he had no presents with him.

He looked very serious.

Seeing that the Young Master of the Chu Family was here, Sword One did not look very surprised.

It had been her Elder Miss who saved the Chu Family the day before.

It was within expectation that someone from the Chu Family was here.

Chu Yu was invited into the hall.

Sword One went to the yard and decided to wake up Elder Miss.

Elder Miss went to bed early so she must have had plenty of sleep by this time.

Sword One walked into the room.

Gu Chaoyan was sleeping on her side.

Sword One first spotted her side profile and pale neck.

Elder Miss was sleeping in silence, just like an infant in the cradle.

“Elder Miss, time to get up.” Sword One called.

No response.

Sword One repeated.

It was the same.

Sword One started to panic.

She shook Gu Chaoyan.

“Elder Miss!”

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