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Chapter 1735: The Initiative 2Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Within two hours, Cayman Dorrans arrived at the Gu Family accompanied by Yuan Shuo and Matthew.

Gu Siting had expected that they would come, so he had been waiting for them in the living room, playing the piano that had been cleaned and tuned.

Cayman Dorrans heard the sound of piano coming out of the classical-style villa.

Although he had never met his daughter before, he knew that she used to like playing the piano pieces by Franz Liszt.

But it seemed that after so many years in Hua Land, Weiwei barely played any of Liszts songs.

“Lets go.” Yuan Shuo urged.

Cayman Dorrans looked serious as he walked to the front door of the Gu Familys mansion and looked at the young man who was playing the piano without emotion.

“Gu Siting!”

Gu Siting stopped playing and looked up at the uninvited guests.

“Come in.”

“Where is the child” Cayman Dorrans cut to the chase.

Gu Siting got up from the piano, walked to the sofa and said calmly, “Anyways it doesnt matter, he is not here.”

Of course the child would not be brought to the Gu Family of A Land, because he knew that Cayman Dorrans would definitely be here.

So as long as he was out there in Hua Land, they would not be able to find him.

“Gu Siting, no matter if it is your grudge with the Fu Family or Weiwei, it is a matter between adults.

You should not be a man who lays hands on an eight-month-old child!” Yuan Shuo said furiously.

Gu Siting was not moved.

“As long as she is here, I dont care about anything.”

“You want her to be here, but have you asked her if she wants to be here or not” Yuan Shuo asked coldly.

Gu Siting looked calm as he took a sip of the black tea.

“No need to say anything more, I will not give up the child before Weiwei returns to the Gu Family.”

If he would surrender after a few words, he would not have kidnapped the child and forced her to come home.

“Gu Siting, you have killed her once, and my daughter does not belong to you,” Cayman Dorrans said coldly.

Gu Siting looked saddened and said, “Yes, she died because of me, but she lives because of me too.

I paid such a huge price to get her back, not because I wanted Fu Hanzheng to have her.”

“Get” Yuan Shuo sneered and looked at Gu Siting pitifully.

“What do you think she is Fu Hanzheng did not get her, he fell in love with her and Weiwei fell in love with him too, and that is something you will never be able to achieve.”

Fu Hanzheng loved Weiwei deeply, so he took great care of her.

Gu Siting might have loved her deeply, but his feelings were full of unwillingness and selfishness.

It was such a twisted and selfish love to coerce someone to return to his side.

Even if he could threaten Weiwei with that child, yet her heart would never be returned to him.

Instead of arguing more, Gu Siting smiled meaningfully.

He had not been able to make it happen before, but this time, as long as she was here, he could do it.

“Gu Siting, hand over the child, or you will suffer,” Cayman Dorrans said as Matthew loaded the gun and pointed it at Gu Siting.

Gu Siting took a sip of tea leisurely.

“If I am not doing well, then Fu Hanzhengs son will not be doing well either.

He is too young to be injured.”

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