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Chapter 4117: The Other Side 86Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Natalia had changed into a fresh set of clothes.

Walking out of the room, she saw Gong Jie, Yun Shishi, and Hua Jin standing outside the door, together with Youyou.

They smiled charmingly at her.

Almost in unison, the four of them asked her, “Would you like to go to the amusement park”

Natalia was stunned for a moment, and asked with some confusion, “Whats an amusement park”

“Its…” Gong Jie realized that perhaps she did not understand the meaning of amusement parks when it was spoken in Chinese, so he translated it into English for the girl.

“Amusement park!”

“Amusement park” Natalia immediately realized that the amusement park was that place with balloons, rides, and many cartoon characters.

For a moment, her expression was filled with anticipation!


“Alright!” Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

The girl was especially attractive when she smiled.

Those violet eyes made Gong Jie feel as if there were endless tender emotions in his heart that could not be contained, that were on the verge of overflowing! The man found himself walking over to her.

He was about to reach out to embrace the girl when Yun Shishi stopped him just in time!

“Dont forget, todays trip to the amusement park is for Hua Jin and Natalia to bond!”

Gong Jie immediately looked disappointed! This was indeed what was discussed and agreed upon.

After all, the actor was Natalias true guardian and she would spend most of her time with him.

Now, however, Natalia was clinging to Gong Jie and not Hua Jin, so it occurred to Yun Shishi and Youyou to use this “father-and-daughter trip” to the amusement park, as an opportunity to cultivate their bond.

That had been decided with Hua Jin as well.

The actor had vowed to use the trip to nurture his relationship with Natalia.

Gong Jie had also promised to do everything he could to create a chance for the two of them to get along harmoniously.

He must not spoil it.

So he fought the urge to carry Natalia.

Instead, he allowed Hua Jin to walk over, crouch down in front of Natalia, and say gently, “Uncle will carry you, okay”

Natalia glanced at Gong Jie first, with a hint of longing in her eyes.

The man noticed it but feigned indifference.

He went to Youyou instead and gently picked him up.

Natalia was inevitably disappointed when she saw him carrying the boy.

Again, Hua Jin reached out tentatively and said, “Daddy will carry you, okay”

Natalia looked at him again and finally nodded.

“Uh huh! Okay.” She opened her arms, put them around his shoulders, and snuggled up against him.

The actor picked her up, and they set off.

The destination was the usual Fairy Tale Valley, which was developed by Lezhi Holdings.

However, after two years of steady operation and the construction of a new project, the venue had become a first-tier theme park.

In addition to a broader range of rides, the theme had been made comprehensive.

Fairy Tale Valley was developing a series of themed animated films, with the intention of producing a series of fairy-tale films set in the valley.

The share of Fairy Tale Valleys profits in the new quarter was significant, which only served to indirectly confirm that the boys ability to spot talent was unparalleled.

Li Hanlins methods and ambition were obvious to everyone.

His goal was to turn Fairy Tale Valley into a world-class fairy-tale theme park.

In addition to the capital city in Asia, Fairy Tale Valley also had presence in Tokyo, Japan, and Las Vegas, USA.

Construction of more theme parks was under way.

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