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Li Moying\'s expression suddenly changed!

A seventh stage realm practitioner\'s strongest strike was not a joking matter.

The surrounding air turned extremely scorching hot and the few tall trees nearest to them had been affected by the energy waves as those trees were uprooted instantly!

As the black robed man\'s target, the pressure that Huang Yueli had to take on was much stronger than that by ten times!

Her soul trace was much stronger than most ordinary practitioners and at the first instance, she had already seen clearly the black robed man\'s attack direction and method.

But her cultivation level was just too low and even if she knew how to ward off his attack, but she didn\'t have the ability to make it happen as her body\'s reaction could not match up to her thoughts.

What was worst of all was that she was now bounded entirely by the Eight Astro Intertwined Chain and was totally immobile so she could only watched on as the killer move got closer and closer to her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Moying\'s reaction was much faster.

He used one hand to hold on to Huang Yueli\'s slender waist and turning to one side, he held her behind his body while the robes of his sleeve threw outwards as his Profound Energy was unleashed!

The two Profound Energies clashed in mid-air and gave out an earth shattering explosive sound, making the entire ground trembling vigorously!

Sand and stone, branches and leaves swirled around in mid-air swiftly as the Profound Energies clashed against each other giving off a violent airflow.

The violent wind worked upwards, making one unable to stand properly, not even to open their eyes.

Huang Yueli subconsciously lowered her head onto Li Moying\'s chest and he conveniently tightened his grip, protecting her in his embrace.

After a while, the violent wind subsided.

Huang Yueli regained her senses to discover that she had actually….

actually acted like a weak young lady, throwing herself into a man\'s embrace, seeking for protection!

Moreover, this man\'s chest was actually so warm, so strong, making her feel extremely safe and unwilling to leave it….

This thinking was way too dangerous!

Huang Yueli realised what she was thinking about as her face flushed red.

The alarms in her heart rang and she hurriedly struggled for a moment, attempting to leave the man\'s embrace.

Li Moying noticed her movements and his strong and powerful arms remained at her waist, not allowing her to retreat.

At the same time, he lowered his head to look at her, asking her with concern, Li\'er, are you alright Are you hurt anywhere

The two of them seemed to have completely stuck to each other as the perfectly silhouetted face got closer and the scorching man\'s breath blew onto her delicate little face, as his deep magnetic voice rang beside her ear..

Huang Yueli\'s face grew even hotter and she bit her lips as she said in a low voice, No…Nothing, I\'m alright, and I\'m not injured.

How about you

Li Moying shook his head, Just based on that clown, he doesn\'t have the capability to hurt me! Only….

This fellow is just too crafty, he actually attacked you to confuse my vision then took the opportunity to escape! Damnit, unable to capture him alive…..

His expression looked slightly off.

He actually allowed the scum who had bullied his Li\'er to escape from beneath his eyes! This was simply his largest stain of his entire life!

Huang Yueli replied, No matter, I\'m already very fortunate that you came and saved me! If it wasn\'t for your timely entrance, I would had probably gotten into huge trouble today! Although you\'re not able to capture him on the spot, but this black robed man was able to enter the Scripture Depository freely, then it meant that he must be hiding somewhere in Celestial Light Academy so there would definitely be a chance to meet him again.

Li Moying\'s expression grew even darker.

Of course he knew this reasoning so all the more he was vexed at not being able to capture that person on the spot!

If there was this kind of fellow with murderous intent towards Huang Yueli hiding in the academy, then didn\'t that meant that his Li\'er would constantly be in danger-

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