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This position was just so ugly!

Huang Yueli\'s face flushed red immediately and she cried out loudly, Hey, Li Moying, what are you trying to do Let me down, let me down! I can walk by myself!

Li Moying stretched out his hand and slapped her butt.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

A crisp Piak was heard which made Huang Yueli\'s face burnt even redder.


This stinky man actually….

actually hit her butt Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....

Know your own place, aren\'t you being tied up until you can\'t even move Still want to walk

This Eight Astro Intertwined Chain is not so easily untied so all you need to do is to let me down and follow my instructions! Huang Yueli hurriedly said.

No way! Li Moying directly rejected her reasonable request and spoke out simultaneously, Don\'t blame me for not reminding you.

We are both famous in Celestial Light Academy and if you continue to scream out loudly, if we meet anyone along the way, they would definitely recognize you and that would only be more embarrassing!

When Huang Yueli heard this, she suddenly recalled that when she was discovered by the black robed man, there was a team of students who had passed by the Scripture Depository…..

At that time, they had even intended to help her fight against the black robed man and they probably hadn\'t left yet, t…th…this….

they might really see her embarrassing look

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli grew even gloomier as she buried her face into Li Moying\'s trapezius not daring to say anything further.

Li Moying found that she had finally quieted down and carried her directly back to their courtyard.


The both of them had no spare time to take notice of anything else but that bunch of students had actually not left the forest surroundings.

Earlier, they had seen the black robed man pursuing Huang Yueli and although they knew that even if they managed to chase up to them, they were not his opponent.

But as they were not resigned to just leave like that, they thought that they might be of some help at the crucial timing.

So other than the one who had been sent to ask for help, the other students remained nearby.

Just as everyone had no ideas up their sleeves and didn\'t know what they could do to help, Li Moying\'s tall and straight silhouette appeared in the forest and even inquired about Huang Yueli\'s whereabouts.

The few of them hurriedly explained the situation and pointed out the direction to him.

Li Moying was so worried that he didn\'t even have time to thank you and had directly rushed into the forest.

Even after Li Moying had arrived, but they didn\'t leave immediately because from what those core students thought, although Li Moying\'s ability was really strong and had remained as Celestial Light Academy\'s number one top expert, but that black robed man was a seventh stage realm top rated exponent.

No matter how genius Li Moying was among the younger generation practitioners, how would he possibly fight against such a top exponent

But the result was beyond their expectations as the person who had been defeated and fled was the black robed man!

Heavens, am I seeing things Earlier was the man who had slipped away the black robed man Senior Brother Li had actually defeated the seventh stage realm top expert Could it be that his ability is now comparable to the seventh stage realm

You are not seeing things, that really is….

Is Senior Brother Li even human Could he possibly be the legendary ninth grade talent

What kind of joke is that, a ninth grade talent will only appear once every few decades! Furthermore, would this sort of talent even stay in our academy He would probably be snatched by various large Sects to be taken in as their disciple right

But if Senior Brother Li is not a ninth grade talent, then how could he possibly defeat a seventh stage realm expert


this is really something that is not easy to explain…..

Just as the crowd were discussing on this, they saw Li Moying carrying Huang Yueli leaving the forest.

It wasn\'t good to discuss about others behind their backs so the few of them immediately shut their mouths.-

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