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Murong Fei thought that she was scared as she smiled more complacently.


actually we all understand don\'t we Men, occasionally their minds would flutter somewhere to find some excitement.

Moreover, my Moying is an excellent man with ability, status and looks, so even if he didn\'t have any intentions of derailing, there would surely be some shameless slut who automatically stick themselves over in order to attention his attention.

But, some people don\'t look at their own status! They really thought that a man like Moying would really marry her as his wife Hehe, simply daydreaming! He\'s merely just fooling around and naturally he knows what\'s important and what\'s not in his heart.

When he\'s tired of it, then he will cast those wild flowers aside.

Huang Yueli couldn\'t help giggling, Sounds reasonable.

Miss Murong, you seem to understand men very well eh

Murong Fei said disapprovingly, That\'s of course.

To tell the truth, lasses like you, I\'ve seen plenty! The number of ladies who tries to get close to Moying is countless! Among them are numerous large Sect\'s Missy or talented young ladies with exceptional innate talent but none of them could seduce him! You have some tricks up your sleeves, since you can shamelessly stick to him! Heavens knows what kind of shameless foxy tricks have you resorted to

Hearing her words getting nastier and nastier, Huang Yueli started to lose her patience.

She swept Murong Fei a glance and said icily, Miss Murong, I think the shameless one is you! When has Li Moying ever admitted that you\'re his fiancée I\'ve heard Mo Yi and the rest talked about it that there\'s a Sect Master\'s daughter whose skin is thicker than the city walls who keeps revolving around their Master, don\'t tell me that person is you I\'d like to advise you that when you start weaving your lies, please weave a better one.

And one more thing, the look of you sticking to men is just too ugly! No matter what, you\'re still a Sect Master\'s daughter so please don\'t embarrass Celestial Light Sect!

You… what did you say about me Who do you think you are How dare you talk to me like that

Murong Fei was criticised impolitely by her that she was so angry that she almost got burdened by the anger!

As Murong Sect Master\'s daughter, she had always been pampered and adding on to her shockingly eighth grade innate talent and exceptional looks, everyone were always fighting to get into her good books.

Only Li Moying treated her like air but after all he was someone whom she liked so she could tolerate with that!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

But what kind of thing was this Bai Ruoli A country bumpkin from the countryside, a shameless little slut who seduces man dares to go against her and berate her so directly!

Huang Yueli replied indifferently, Why don\'t I dare to You dare to do such a thing, would you be scared of other people talking about it

Murong Fei replied sternly, You dare to be so outrageous! I\'m warning you, Eldest Senior Brother is mine! Get the hell out of Celestial Light Academy right now and keep away from Eldest Senior Brother.

If your performance is good, I can give you some spirit stones and let you continue your cultivation at some other academies! But if you obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, and insist on hanging on to Eldest Senior Brother and not letting go, then don\'t blame me for not standing on ceremony!

Murong Fei\'s voice was stern and even unleashed her sixth stage realm\'s pressure!

From what she saw, Huang Yueli was merely a young lass who had not seen the world and in front of herself, someone with her status and ability, to be coerced in such a way, she\'d probably be scared stiff immediately and kneel down to beg for mercy.

However, Huang Yueli totally wasn\'t affected by her pressure and continued to show an indifferent expression.-

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