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Young Sect Master, please quell your anger...

just instruct us on whatever commands you have, this subordinate...

Jiang Tuxin was trembling with fear as he opened his mouth, bearing a sliver of hope that he would be able to convince Li Moying.

However, Li Moying only casted one glance at him before spitting out one word, Scram!

Purplish lightning and thunder broke through the sky and came attacking towards Jiang Tuxin.

Principal Jiang, be careful!

Quickly hide!

In the burst of shrill screams, Jiang Tuxin used all his skills and barely just managed to avoid most of the lightning attack but the clothes on him were all burnt and the skin on his chest had been burnt to a charred black colour!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Jiang Tuxin drew in a mouthful of cold air, feeling that the clothes on his back had been completely soaked in cold sweat! He was both alarmed yet glad that Li Moying only struck casually with no intention to kill him, otherwise… even if there were one hundred of him, it would be difficult for him to escape from death today!

Just at this moment, a voice rang from behind, Principal Jiang, are you alright

Jiang Tuxin turned around and gave a bitter smile, Protector Mo, you\'re here!

Mo Yi nodded as he turned around towards Li Moying\'s direction and immediately frowned, Master\'s illness this time… seems even more serious!

Jiang Tuxin wiped the sweat off his forehead and felt that his legs had gone wobbly.

I\'ve finally grown some knowledge this time round! In the past I\'ve heard the others talk about this previously that ever since Young Sect Master have caught the Soul Detachment Illness, everytime his illness acts up, it\'s extremely dangerous.

His cultivation would rise sharply to ninth stage realm peak and his potential is so strong that it reached the standard of heaven defying, no one is able to withstand one strike from him! I had always thought it was exaggeration and never expect that the real scenario even more shocking than what the rumours are!

Mo Yi\'s expression sunk, Every time Master acts up, he will indeed lost control and his cultivation will rise sharply, but this time, the situation isn\'t quite the same.

Jiang Tuxin replied, Yes, I\'ve heard that Young Sect Master\'s Soul Detachment Illness will only act up every full moon\'s night but today isn\'t the night of the full moon, so why did he… suddenly…..

Mo Yi replied, Master had suffered serious agitation, which led his illness to suddenly act up…..

Agitation Who dare to make Young Sect Master agitated Jiang Tuxin was extremely puzzled.

Mo Yi pursed his lips but did not explain further while trying to change the topic, The most important thing now is to make Master quieten down now.

If this goes on, not only will he use lightning and thunder to strike the academy until ruins, furthermore his own Profound Energy will be depleted and not only will he sustain a serious internal injury, it might even affect his primordial spirit!


how could I not know about these But… Protector Mo, easier said than done! Young Sect Master is now like a death god who had descended on earth so who can make him quieten down Even if all of us go up against him, I think there\'s not even enough of us to be struck down by him!

Mo Yi responded, Of course we cannot rely on you but I\'ve invited our saviour!

Saviour Jiang Tuxin gave a puzzled look.

Mo Yi nudged a little to the right revealing Huang Yueli behind him.

When Jiang Tuxin saw the slim and graceful beautiful young lady standing behind him, he first went into a daze before rubbing his eyes in disbelief, and later shutting him eyes.

When he reopened his eyes again, he saw the same image right in front of him.

Jiang Tuxin couldn\'t help but shrieked, Protector Mo, the saviour you\'re referring to… isn\'t Bai Ruoli right

Mo Yi nodded and replied, That\'s right, it is Miss Bai.-

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