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Su Jiasheng added, Of course we don\'t wish to but, you\'ve already taken such a huge risk on our behalf, hurting Fatty Wang seriously, so I\'m sure Administrator Chen and him definitely hates you to the core.

If you were to go find trouble with them, won\'t you be walking right into their trap Nothing should happen to you now, and you cannot let them have any chance to trap you!

Huang Yueli asked hesitantly, But, you all…..

Su Jiasheng immediately cut her off, There\'s nothing much for us too, isn\'t it just slighty tougher factotum Actually the type of factotum is standardized, so no matter how overboard Administrator Chen goes, he will not be able to make us eat sh*t, merely just giving away the nicer tasks to others and let us work harder only.

These are small matters, so we\'ll just treat it as part of self-training towards our cultivation.

Huang Yueli still wanted to say something but a few of them had already walked towards Administrator Chen\'s courtyard.

Under the attention of others, they didn\'t dared to say anything much as they quietly lined up and walked in.

Administrator Chen\'s courtyard was already filled with people.

The outer discipled who were under the care of Administrator Chen\'s allocation of factotum, was not only limited to the small bunch of those from Celestial Light Academy.

There were many other outer disciples who were taken in from elsewhere, and there was a total of one hundred over people, which filled the small courtyard fully.

Administrator Chen kept everyone waiting for quite some time before he arrived late.

He walked to the high stage in the middle of the courtyard as he cleared his throat.

Everyone, firstly congratulations to all of you, for passing the various stages of selection and officially entering Celestial Light Sect to become outer disciples! Although you\'re only outer disciples, but based on the reputation of Celestial Light Sect as the number one Sect, I believe that in everyone else\'s eyes, you\'re already a dragon among the carps!

But, the first step after becoming an outer disciple, to have some achievement in the path of cultivation, you cannot afford to slack, and must diligently cultivate.

At the same time, you must understand and be grateful to the Sect for their nurture, to pledge your loyalty to the Sect, and complete the tasks which the Sect had arranged for you.

As an outer disciple, you actually aren\'t genuine Celestial Light Sect\'s disciples yet, and will need to complete factotum for the Sect.

Remember, the factotum\'s which had been passed to you are all very important and you\'re not allowed to pick and choose.

Whatever you\'re allocated, you must try your best to complete it.

Every time you complete a factotum, you will gain equivalent amount of contribution points, and these are something which could be used to exchange for cultivations methods and resources in future, so you must cherish it!

Saying that, Administrator Chen coughed lightly once more.

Alright, now I\'m going to arrange factotum for all of you.

Will those disciples whose names are being called, come over to me to retrieve the token for your task.

Number one Zhong Weifang.

Your task is: responsible for West region storeroom\'s administration and stock taking, to listen to the commands from the storeroom administrator…..

Number two....

Next one is....

From the start, there were only a few people who weren\'t from Celestial Light Academy, and the tasks they were allocated were pretty good.

If there\'s not something to gain from it, then it would extremely idle.

But very quickly, it was Celestial Light Academy\'s disciples turn.

Next, Yuan Zeyu.

Your task is: in charge of Eastern zone\'s inner disciple\'s sword sparring training grounds and accompany them to train!

The minute he said that, it caused waves of shocking gasps among the disciples who were present.

Some of them started to discuss in whispers.

That Yuan Zeyu, I heard he\'s number one in Celestial Light Academy It\'s heard that he has a high innate talent and is a moldable talent.

Why is he being allocated to such a scamming task-

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