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Earlier when they heard those Celestial Light Academy\'s practitioners had their tasks allocated, one of them were unluckier than the other, as the tasks were more scamming than the previous one.

Everyone had already guessed that, the person who offended Fatty Wang the most, was definitely Ye Xiao who killed his Iron Claw Silver Wolf.

The other\'s allocated tasks were already so lousy, so if it was Ye Xiao\'s turn….

They wondered how miserable would it be

Many of them, after they had received their task tokens, they refused to leave, wanting to hear the answer personally.

In the end, waiting for more than half a day, they received such an unexpected result!

The task which she received in turn, was not some tough task.

Not only was it not tough, it was an uncanny beautiful task!

Although the task of cleaning up wasn\'t too high class, but that was to clean up in the Young Sect Master\'s residence!

Who was the Young Sect Master In Celestial Light Sect, although the position of Sect Master seemed to be the highest, but to those who understood Celestial Light Sect clearly, Celestial Light Sect\'s most revered position, was not anyone else, but Li Moying!

It was only because he was Murong De\'s disciple and had maintained some sense of respect towards his own Master.

To be able to stay beside Young Sect Master to do duties, even if it was just a cleaning factotum, that would be considered as another step advancing to the sky, and she was probably going to fly into riches pretty soon.

If Young Sect Master took an interest in her, it was even possible to become a direct disciple, and even if she wasn\'t able to enter Young Sect Master\'s eye then she would at least obtain Young Sect Master\'s Shadow Guards pointers, which was also a good thing, since many of them were all direct disciples!

Other than this, Young Sect Master was so handsome, even if there wasn\'t any advantages, just based on the fact that she could look at Young Sect Master from afar, that would be a factotum which numerous female disciples were willing to go ahead and snatch this opportunity!

Momentarily, everyone\'s gazes towards Huang Yueli were mixed with envy, jealousy and hatred.

Especially those female disciples, when they looked at her, their eyes were practically breathing fire!

Such a wonderful factotum, when would it be their turn

Hadn\'t she had a feud with Administrator Chen and Fatty Wang Why did they arranged such a nice task for her

Ah ah ah ah, who wouldn\'t want to stay beside Young Sect Master If they had better luck and Young Sect Master had taken a fancy to them, allowing them to climb onto his bed, then even as a concubine, that would be the most fortunate thing which happened to them!

When Huang Yueli herself heard this, she was extremely astonished, as she blinked her watery huge eyes, unable to react instantly.

Ugh… Administrator Chen, your meaning, is for me to help Li… Young Sect Master clean up his room

A malicious glint flashed past his sinister eyes but his face held a blossoming smiling expression, as he used his fingers to play around with a few strands of his beard on his lower jaw.

Of course, you haven\'t heard me wrongly! Your factotum is to clean up Young Sect Master\'s residence.

You\'re a girl and you\'re meticulous, so I believe that you will definitely be able to do this factotum properly.

This is the best task among this batch of factotums! If it wasn\'t for your outstanding innate talent, with a bright future, I wouldn\'t allocate this to you at all!

Administrator Chen bore a tone which seemed as though he eagerly sought after people of worth and ability.

If it was anyone else, they might think that he was really thinking of Huang Yueli\'s behalf!

Don\'t you underestimate this task.

It might be simple but Young Sect Master\'s demands are very high.

You must maintain a high degree of cleanliness in every single room.

Rest assured, as long as you do it well, you will win Young Sect Master\'s favour!-

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