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The intensity of the Profound Qi was at least three times as compared to outside!

This absolutely was the best fengshui treasured place for going into closed door cultivation.

Not only that, Li Moying\'s courtyard looked like there wasn\'t any defence mechanism, as his entrance had a few guards.

But in the eyes of a professional high levelled armament master like Huang Yueli, this courtyard\'s surrounding mechanisms were so concentrated, that no one had ever heard of before! Even if she were to personally asked to set this up, it would take a huge amount of effort!

If some blind senseless person were to intrude in on purpose, or had some ulterior motive, they would absolutely not be able to get away with it.

On the contrary, that person would die a horrendous death!

Even if Li Moying was not in the Sect, no one could casually enter his turf.

Having this thought, Huang Yueli felt her luck wasn\'t too bad after all, right after she took on this ineffable factotum, she was able to enter the inner chamber right away!

Huang Yueli\'s mood was great, as she started humming a tune and kept looking around.

It wasn\'t as though she had the intentions to do the factotum properly, so when she was working, she was extremely slack, most of the time she just casually swiped the table cloth across the surfaces, then pondered on the fact that when she met Li Moying tomorrow, how would she bring up the topic of their previous lives.

Actually the last time when she heard Li Moying talk in his sleep, she was still dubious about Li Moying\'s identity, and couldn\'t confirm.

But she thought a lot during this period of time.

The more she thought carefully, the more she felt Li Moying was indeed Mu Chengying, because the similarities between the both of them was simply too high!

Furthermore, recently she had heard some news that Soaring Heavens Continent\'s number one top expert, Blue Profound Sect\'s Sect Master Mu, had went into closed door cultivation in the same year which she passed on, and he had not been out for the past fourteen years!

There was also a rumour that after Mu Chengying battled the Seven Sacred Lands\' top experts in Northern Ice Fields, breaking the prohibition against taking lives, he himself was severely injured so he went into Rigid Closed Cultivation.

After so many years, he had not been out since, so perhaps he might had already died inside.

Not only the rumours were so, even those large Sects had started to provoke Blue Profound Sect, but not once had Mu Chengying came out to respond, so that further certified the other\'s guesses.

Huang Yueli indistinctly felt that, something was not right with Li Moying.

In the past, he had never gone into closed door cultivation for such a long period of time.

As he was a thunder attributed practitioner, so normally he would need to energize his potential in the middle of battles, before hs could advance, so just based on closed door cultivation won\'t do any good.

But after finding out about Li Moying\'s matters, she wasn\'t willing to accept this deduction subconsciously, and refused to think about the possibility something happening to Mu Chengying.

But now, since she started to doubt Li Moying\'s identity, then linking all the cause and effects together, she got more and more certain that her guess was correct!

I wonder, what happened to Mu Chengying after I self-exploded But he seemed to have totally lost his memories, so probably he himself doesn\'t even know Looks like I can only slowly check…..


After Huang Yueli went through one round, on seeing that the day was not young anymore, she headed back to the outer disciple\'s residence.

Su Qingyue had already returned to her room.

She was considered lucky, as she didn\'t made any move while arguing with Fatty Wang, so the factotum which she was allocated wasn\'t that bad at all, just responsible for the West mountain\'s medicinal farm to water the herbs and get rid of weeds.

Although taking care of such a large medicinal farm was extremely tiring, but at least there wasn\'t any danger.

Seeing Huang Yueli\'s return, she immediately rushed up and putting on her gossip cap, she asked, Sister Li, how was it Is Young Sect Master\'s courtyard very pretty-

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