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The minute Huang Yueli entered Li Moying\'s courtyard, she bumped into Mo Qi head-on.

As Li Moying\'s Shadow Guard and housekeeper, after Mo Qi returned to the Sect with Li Moying, the first thing he did was to return to the courtyard to arrange the household matters.

The minute he entered the door, Mo Qi felt something was amiss, as though someone had entered this courtyard.

Moreover, the person in charge of cleaning was not very responsible.

He had obviously repeatedly requested before he left, that the items in the house should not be moved, but, the person who cleaned up had casually misplaced the items everywhere…..

Who on earth was the unreliable person who had done such a thing If Young Sect Master were to see this, that person would be in deep sh*t!

Mo Qi was just feeling angry over this, as he couldn\'t wait to grab that irresponsible factotum for a beating, in the end when he turned around, he saw a sixteen to seventeen year old young lady standing behind his back.

You\'re the factotum who\'s responsible for tidying the courtyard How do you even work Are the things in this house, something which you can casually touch I\'m telling you, if you\'re not putting your heart into doing this, if you infuriate Young Sect Master, that would be a consequence which you cannot afford!

Mo Qi was infuriated so when he saw her, he didn\'t even wait for her explanation when he started berating.

He thought that his stern and severe look, would made that ordinary looking outer female disciple scared out of her wits.

In the end, when that young lady saw him, she only gave him a lazy smile as she waved to him, Mo Qi, we haven\'t met for quite some time!

Mo Qi was stunned for a moment, as he immediately frowned, You know me

As Li Moying\'s Shadow Guard, his status in Celestial Light Sect was not low, and when outer disciples saw him, they revered him extremely, so no one dared to speak to him like this!

Furthermore, this young lass\'s tone, and the manner of her actions looked extremely familiar.

But Mo Qi thought for quite some time, and still couldn\'t recall where he had seen her before.

Seeing Mo Yi with a puzzled look, Huang Yueli blinked her eyes as she suddenly cried out in astonishment, Ah, right, I forgot to wash away my disguise, no wonder you couldn\'t recognise me! Hurry, does Li Moying have any medicine to cleanse of disguises Quickly bring it out for me, I don\'t want to use this ugly look to meet him!

Mo Qi was even more puzzled by her words.

Just as he was in a daze, Huang Yueli suddenly recalled it herself.

Right, yesterday when I came to tidy up, I saw some in that medical room, I\'ll go get it myself!

Saying that, she jumped up, and ran over to the room by the side.

Mo Qi then regained his senses, as his expression changed, he hurriedly chased up to her.

What are you doing How dare you barge around by yourself Do you know what place this is So gutsy, if you were to accidentally trigger any mechanism, you will lose your…..


Mo Qi ran over to the medical room entrance, and saw Huang Yueli putting her hand into the medicinal cabinet, as she grabbed a bottle of medicine.

At the same time, she turned her head back and looked at him with an innocent look, What did you say earlier I didn\'t hear you clearly.

Mo Qi pointed his finger at her, as it trembled nonstop, You...


What situation was this This young girl had actually stretched her hand into Young Sect Master\'s medicinal cabinet and took out the medicine! He had simply seen a ghost alive!

As the housekeeper, no one was clearer than Mo Qi, on how many mechanisms had been set up in this small medical room!

Li Moying\'s collections in the medical room, were all priceless, so in comparison, he had also set up a lot of defense mechanisms.-

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