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The person who loses… will have to help the winner warm up the bed, do you accept this bet Li Moying gave a low laugh.

Hearing this kind of words, Huang Yueli\'s ears turned even redder as she gave a sulky glare at Li Moying.

You… what do you mean Does your brain only contain these useless thoughts Furthermore, don\'t you feel embarrassed to bet with me You\'re a seventh stage realm practitioner and your ability is so strong, you\'d definitely win no matter how I go up against you

Li Moying laughed, Isn\'t that really simple I can suppress my own cultivation to maintain at fourth stage realm or so, or I can stop using my Profound Energy, only using Profound Skills to fight with you.

As long as you can defeat me once, it\'s be considered as your win, how about it

Huang Yueli blinked, not believing that Li Moying would be so kind hearted.

Because the difference between practitioner\'s abilities, was reflected on one\'s cultivation and one\'s Profound Skills.

If they were to compare cultivation levels, she was far away from Li Moying.

But if it\'s about cultivation methods, Profound Skills and experiences, she might not necessarily lose to Li Moying!

After all, she was a real ninth stage realm top expert in her past life, and in this life she had even learnt god grade Profound Skills in the inheritance tower! Whereas Li Moying was only at the seventh stage realm, so probably the cultivation methods which he learnt were not even comparable to her >...

As long as he didn\'t use Profound Energy to crush her, her chances of winning would be rather high!

Huagn Yueli seriously considered about this and from her peripheral view, she saw Li Moying behaving like a cat which had successfully stolen fish, smiling in a strange way.

She had a change of thoughts and suddenly realised what he was planning.

She was so angry that she went to pull Li Moying\'s ear.

How dare you trick me! Even if I win, then you\'d still have to warn up the bed for me, and in the end the person who gains the most advantage is still you! You dare to even scheme your own fiancée, you\'re a scoundrel!

Li Moying laughed as he retreated backwards, receiving her punches and kicks as he continued to deny, How would I gain any advantage, aren\'t you the one who gains all the advantage I\'ve long seen through it that you\'ve been coveting after my body for a long time… yesterday when I was taking a shower, weren\'t you intentionally peeping at me

That\'s an accident, ACCIDENT!! I was not peeping!

While the two of them were fighting and arguing, they didn\'t notice that behind them, Murong Fei had already regain consciousness.

Her eyes widened as she stared deadly at those two people.

From their intimate actions, it made her felt as though her blood was boiling at her chest area and repeatedly spat out several mouthfuls of blood.



Brother….. She coughed as she stretched out her trembling arm towards Li Moying.

Hearing Murong Fei\'s cry, the duo\'s expression changed as they turned around.

Eldest Senior Brother… you… how could you do this to me Murong Fei\'s expression was filled with grievance, as her eyes were brimming with tears as her voice choked.

If someone who didn\'t understand the actual situation were to see this, they would probably think that a passionate lady like her was abandoned by Li Moying, that scum!

Huang Yueli was extremely disgusted by this as she gave a cold harrumph and turned her head aside.

Her meaning was very clear; she\'s asking Li Moying to settle this by himself!

Li Moying saw his little fox getting angry as his displeasure with Murong Fei shot up.

His pair of cold stern peach blossom eyes shot towards Murong Fei and it was laced with a cold murderous intent, scaring Murong Fei so much that she almost jumped up in shock.


Eldest Senior Brother…..

Li Moying voice seemed as though it was emitted from hades, Murong Fei, this is the last time I\'m warning you, do remember this clearly!-

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