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Huang Yueli was finally ruffled up as she gave Li Moying the last diplomatic note.

“Im asking you once more, are you going to listen to me or not, to let Liu Buyan take a look at your illness Im warning you, if you dont agree to it, then Ill never bother about you again! Next time your illness acts up, I will not help you so just die of illness!”

Huang Yueli put up a bravado as she said those sharp words, putting on a determined expression to break off relations to scare Li Moying.

Usually Li Moying was most afraid of her ignoring him so as long as there was a little spark of her showing her anger, he would automatically beg for mercy, giving in and agreeing to whatever she wanted.

The result this time was, Li Moying giving a cold huff declaring, “I, Li Moying dont need my woman to go beg others for me to continue living! Anyway I will absolutely not go meet Liu Buyan and you are not allowed to meet him too! If you dont want to bother about me then dont!”

Saying that he actually flicked his sleeves as he walked off.

It was until she heard the guest rooms door shut with a loud bang before Huang Yueli realised what happened.

The both of them….

Were considered to be….

In a cold war

Li Moying usually couldnt wait to stick to her every single moment and today he actually ran off to the guest room to sleep

He was using physical actions to express his own stand, that he would absolutely not let Liu Buyan do any consultation for him

Huang Yueli really didnt understand just how much of the enmity and hatred there was between the both of them.

Previously when Liu Buyan talked about him, he also bore an angry and awkward look…..

But in the end, Liu Buyan at least agreed to do a consultation for him.

Unlike Li Moying who acted so pampered and arrogant, even starting a cold war with her!

He obviously knew that she loved him dearly and couldnt bear to really ignore him nor leave him unattended when his illness acted up wasnt it

The more Huang Yueli thought, the angrier she got.

She was plainly considering on his behalf so why did he need to act in such a way She could give in for other matters but for matters related to his heath…..

she absolutely would not give in!

Huang Yueli was determined that if Li Moying didnt agree to her request, she would absolutely ignore him, absolutely!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli got up and locked the room door then removing her clothes, she blew out the candlelight and pulled the blanket up to her chin, wrapping up her body.


Li Moying was also suffering from a bundle of anger in the guest room next door.

Did his young lass know what she was saying She didnt know how Liu Buyan had humiliated him that year.

So he would look for anyone to save his life, but definitely not Liu Buyan!

Moreover, Liu Buyan hated him so much so why would he casually agreed to do a consultation for him It was definitely Lier who agreed to some ridiculous request from Liu Buyan, such as accompanying him for another seven days or something like that

Huang Yueli herself was ignorant but as a man, how would Li Moying not sensed what Liu Buyan was thinking about That fellow absolutely had designs on his Lier!

Perhaps Liu Buyan had agreed to do a consultation for him so that he could intentionally drive a wedge between them! As if he would let him get his way!

Anyway, Li Moying had also decided not to give in for this matter.

Furthermore he wanted to use this opportunity to express his attitude towards Huang Yueli.

Although he valued his wife like she was his life but there were certain things which he cannot give way, and would not listen to everything she said!

After making the decision, Li Moying too blew out the candlelight and climbed onto the bed to sleep.


In the middle of the quiet night.

Huang Yueli sat on the big bed alone as her body was wrapped up in that thick blanket with her eyes tightly shut.

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