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Chapter 129 – You pay money, I collect money

A cynical spark flashed through through Huang Yue Li eyes while she beamed with smiled: “Is that so That’s good then! So please quell your anger Your Highness.

I did not hold any intentions of slandering towards yourself.

I was just in shock of over the enormously high quotes!”

Casting her a glance, the Crown Prince couldn’t help but feel an indescribable sense of superiority.

Truly a country bumpkin who hasn’t seen the world.

Three million was enough to frighten her

“It is but three million.

The Lord had long prepared it!” Loftily, the Crown Prince said.

Revealing a worshipping and a gasp of admiration, Huang Yue Li continued to speak, “No wonder you are the Crown Prince.

So easily taking out three million! I have never seen such a high levelled profound armament! Your Highness, when you go to receive your product, would it be possible for you to take me along and allow me to open my eyes to the world”

With her portrayal of pleading displayed on her tender white face, she seemed all the more pitiful.

As the Crown Prince’s gaze once again travelled to her face, he was stunned again.

Although the Bai Family’s Third Young Miss could not be considered a beauty, she possessed an indescribable and particular aura.

This caused him to uncontrollably glance at her.

Unfortunately, he was constantly embarrassing himself infront of Bai Ruo Li.

This in turn caused him to become more and more angry!

So now when she acted in such a pleasing and admiring manner, she was seen in a more pleasing light.

Immediately happy, the Crown Prince instantly replied: “You are but a young lady from a Marquis Manor.

Furthermore you have never cultivated, so naturally you would have never seen such top quality profound armaments! Today is an opportunity for you to experience it!”

Bai Ruo Qi was so anxious that she jumped up and shouted: “Your Highness Crown Prince! How……..how could allow for this little slu….little girl to accompany you She was constantly going against us today.

Clearly she doesn’t hold any good intentions!”

Suffering such a large loss today, Bai Ruo Qi’s teeth became very itchy long ago.

When she saw Bai Ruo Li, she could help but hold the urge to rip her to shreds!

But the Crown Prince didn’t seem to hold many grievances against her.

He actually stared at her Is that godforsaken girl this beautiful So plain, so immature and also so short and so flat! Was the Crown Prince’s eyes blind

But what evoked the most frenzy was the Crown Prince’s allowance for her to view the profound armament

How was this okay And she had yet to say her important news!

But with Bai Ruo Li’s presence, those words she was unable to say them!

Watching the anxiety on Bai Ruo Qi’s face, Huang Yue Li inwardly smiled.

Suddenly remembering something, she exaggeratedly cried out an ‘ah’ and said: “Meeting you here is far too good.

I just thought of going to find you!”

“Find me” Bai Ruo Qi had yet to react.

Sweetly, Huang Yue Li smiled, “Yes.

Second Sister, in the auction earlier I am indebted to you for the bottle of Spirit Raising Pills.

So please give me them.

You are some very courteous.

How would you bear to make me wait such a long time before giving me my goods.

That’s why I came to find you immediately after the auction ended! Let’s hurry and go find Manager Sun for the goods.

While you go pay, I will collect the goods!”

When she heard her words, Bai Ruo Qi nearly fainted on the spot!

Because all her attention and energy was focused on the Crown Prince’s situation, he had completely neglected her own.

The appearance of this godforsaken girl was coincidence, but because she was here to take her goods!

Additionally, Huang Yue Li did not bid for anything else in the auction.

What she wanted to obtain was just that bottle of Spirit Raising Pills that had fought over! Infront of everyone’s eyes, she carried a debt of one hundred and thirty-one thousand silvers and even lost that bottle of Spirit Raising Pills!


Stretching out her trembling finger, Bai Ruo Qi pointed to her; at a loss for words.


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