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Chapter 1364: Consider his good luck (3)

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Li Moying smiled indifferently, totally with no sense of guilt over being exposed.

“Anyway theres no chance for me to participate so who cares how they think Furthermore you are ignoring me so are you stopping me from sleeping”

Actually he was so sleepy all because of this young lass.

Taking cold showers for the past few days, he totally hadnt slept much at all!

Furthermore, if he was sitting beside someone else, based on his alertness, he wouldnt be able to sleep at all.

It was because his Lier was right beside him which made him felt at ease.

As he was saying that, he raised his head and suddenly said, “Yi Jiyun this fellow, his condition isnt bad at all today!”

Huang Yueli originally wanted to poke fun at him but hearing what he said, she turned her head over to look at the stage.

Indeed, Luo Jiyun was in the middle of a battle with a blue robed disciple.

Luo Jiyun was already a fifth stage realm fifth level practitioner now.

Moreover, as his innate talent was at eight grade, his comprehension was very good so his ability in terms of actual combat was enough to challenge fifth stage realm seventh or eighth level practitioners.

Now the blue robed disciple whom he was battling with was at fifth stage realm seventh level!

Compared to the previous time at Dark Moon Forest, Luo Jiyuns ability had an obvious upgrade.

He was no longer indecisive and every single time he struck, it was extremely decisive.

Even though his opponents cultivation was higher than his by two levels, he still had the upper hand!

Later on, he obtained victory as expected.

“The victor of this round is — Celestial Light Sects direct disciple, Luo Jiyun!”

After the judge announced the result, Green Cloud Sects side went into an uproar, seemingly unable to accept this result.

Earlier in the competition, Green Cloud Sects practitioners obviously had an advantage.

Every single time Celestial Light Sects side won, it was all because their cultivation was much higher so this was the first time Celestial Light Sects disciples actually challenged someone from Green Cloud Sect whose cultivation was higher than his by two small realms, and even gained victory so easily!

Witnessing this scenario, Murong Des face revealed slight signs of complacency as he fiddled with his beard while talking to Cui Yuan Shan beside him, “Brother Cui, what do you think of my fifth disciple Hes one of those who ranks behind among my other disciples.

So this time he was lucky to have gained victory, all thanks to your disciples care!”

Cui Yuan Shan was so angry that his whiskers were jumping as he silently cursed that defeated disciple but on the surface, he looked calm, “Humpf, this is just by accident! Consider his good luck, dont tell me hes able to win three rounds in a row”

“Hehe, thats hard to say!” Murong De also felt that it was impossible but he refused to admit his loss verbally.

Luckily Luo Jiyun lived up to his expectations and consecutively defeated two challengers.

Huang Yueli really liked this kind and considerate young man as her eyes started to glow from watching his matches.

“Junior Brother Luo is really too incredible! After youve personally mentored him previously, he gained a huge improvement this time round! He has already overcome his characters weak point so with a little more discipline, he will definitely become a top rated expert in the South Sky Region! But, he had already won two rounds.

This third round… Green Cloud Sect wouldnt admit defeat so easily right”

Li Moying nodded his head, “What you said is correct, Luo Jiyun will probably lose in this round.”

Huang Yueli heard that and turned his head to take a look.

He saw a tall and thin young man slowly walking up the stage whereas Luo Jiyuns expression immediately turned grave.

“Who is this person” She asked curiously.

Li Moying replied, “This is Cui Yuan Shans third disciple, name is Fang Shaoning and his cultivation is already at sixth stage realm first level!”

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