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Leng Yi Feng saw Li Lingchuan walking nearer as he was extremely surprised.

He had thought that his action of spying had caused Celestial Light Sects displeasure so he hastily tried to clear himself.

“Master Li, long time no see, how have you been Dont misunderstand, I happen to be passing by and coincidentally saw the tournament that your Sect is holding.

Im preparing to leave now.”

This was called telling a lie with his eyes wide open.

Green Cloud Sects base was quite a distance away from Celestial Light Sect and although there were quite a number of guards patrolling near the tournament grounds, Leng Yi Feng was able to avoid all the guards perfectly while appearing at this place which was absolutely not possible to be as simple as “passing by”.

A clear-minded person knew it clearly that he was here to help Green Cloud Sect scout for the real situation.


After all, after they enter the ancient mystic region, the victor of the tournament would become Green Cloud Sects opponent.

Li Lingchuan gave a smile which didnt looked quite like a smile as he replied, “Master Leng, Im not here to chase you away but here specially to wait for you.

I have some personal matters… which I wish to discuss with you.”

As one of the younger generations top experts who was just beneath Li Moying, Li Lingchuan had long obtained a quota to enter the mystic region so his motive here was to meet Leng Yi Feng!

“Oh Leng Yi Fengs brows rose in surprise, “Youre Celestial Light Sects talented disciple.

What matter could you possibly have, to discuss with me”

Li Lingchuan replied, “Lets move elsewhere to have a chat.”

Leng Yi Feng nodded.

The both of them walked to an even seclusive corner.


Li Lingchuan then said, “Upright people dont speak secretly.

Our motive for looking for you, Im assuming that Master Leng has already guessed it.

We have a common purpose so after entering the ancient mystic region, we must cooperate properly!”

Leng Yi Fengs heart jolted but the words which came out of his mouth were as such, “What does Master Li mean Why is it that I dont understand you at all We are both in different Sects so how is it possible that we have a common purpose”

Li Lingchuan took a look at their surroundings and after verifying that no one was hiding in the darkness to eavesdrop, he finally brought his meaning out into the open.

“Master Leng, do you want Bai Ruoli or not”

Leng Yi Fengs body shook! He totally had not expected that his hidden thoughts was exposed in such a direct manner!

He indeed wanted that exceptionally talented genius young lady.

Furthermore after witnessing her shocking performance on the arena stage that day, his heart desired her even more than ever as that feeling was so intense that it was like a ball of fire, devouring and scorching at his chest.

Only, the man behind Huang Yueli was simply too powerful! Furthermore Huang Yueli totally treated his Leng familys authority with haughty contempt.

That day she had directly rejected him so that left Leng Yi Feng with no more plans to execute.


Moreover, he had been defeated by Li Moying in just one move several times.

It was simply so embarrassing that he didnt even dared to talk about this so how was a Celestial Light Sect disciple able to see through him

Leng Yi Feng immediately denied, “I dont understand what youre talking about! Bai Ruoli Isnt she a disciple of your Celestial Light Sect What does she have to do with me”

Li Lingchuan looked at this instantly changing expression as it affirmed the guess in his heart.

He spoke steadfastly, “Actually the performance which you showed on the arena stage that day already let many of us see that something was not quite right.

Bai Ruoli was Li Moyings fiancée but when Fang Shaoning wanted to deal her with a deadly hand, you suddenly appeared to stop your own junior brother! Isnt that very strange

“Logically speaking, if Bai Ruoli was either killed or crippled, my Eldest Senior Brother would be despondent but to you, it should be something which was worth celebrating over!”


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