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He paused and continued, “The ancient records not only recorded the location of the ancient mystic region..

Furthermore it also roughly recorded the situation in the mystic region.”

Li Lingchuans eyes immediately lit up, “In this case, you guys have the map of the mystic region”

Leng Yi Feng shook his head, “Its not really considered as a map and the historical ancient records arent complete.

Many contents are mutilated and some are totally non-decodable so we could only decode part of the contents.

But its more than enough to use it to deal with Li Moying.”

Leng Yi Feng checked the surrounding as he lowered his voice even more, “The ancient records stated a few extremely dangerous locations and the most dangerous part of all is the area which is right smack in the centre of the mystic region, circumference of within ten miles.

It was rumoured that in the several thousands of years, this ancient mystic region had been opened several times and every single time someone entered the centre region, there would always be no return and so far, no one had successfully come out before!”

“Youre saying…” Li Lingchuan was also an intelligent person so he immediately understood what he was trying to say, “We can lure Li Moying over to that centre region”


Leng Yi Feng nodded and replied, “Thats right.”

Li Lingchuan continued while looking a little worried, “This plan sounds feasible but are you certain youre able to trap him Youve also seen it for yourself on my Eldest Senior Brothers ability.

Many things which are totally impossible for others, but to him, its so easy.

If this time round hes done it yet again, completing what other people couldnt complete to leave the centre region safely, then we…”

The minute Li Moying went into a rage, there was no one who could take his wrath.

Although Li Lingchuan was plotting behind him secretly but when he thought about the consequences which could possibly happen after their plot falls through, he couldnt help but feel a chill run down his spine.

Leng Yi Feng gave a cold snort, “I really cant tell that your guts is this small, and youre still planning on becoming Celestial Light Sects future Sect Master As the saying goes, you wont be able to get the tiger cub if you dont enter the tiger den You cant even take this amount of risk Moreover speaking, for several thousands of years, among the number of talents who entered the centre region, there is definitely someone who is more outstanding than Li Moying but they also couldnt return back isnt it This is a mystic region which was left by a historical sacred clan! If it wasnt your Celestial Light Sects array, how could it possibly not trap him!”

Li Lingchuan thought about it and indeed found it logical, as he finally toughened his heart.

“Alright, then well listen to your plan! How do you want me to coordinate with you”


Leng Yi Feng continued, “This plan to me, the most difficult part is how to lure Li Moying over.

After all were not of the same Sect and the minute we enter the mystic region, our relationship will then become the opposing team.

Li Moying isnt an idiot so how could he possibly not defend against me”

When Li Lingchuan heard that, he immediately laughed, “You want me to help lure him over This is simple, leave it all to me!”

As they were under the same wing, wasnt it a small issue which didnt require much effort to dig this hole for Li Moying

Saying that, he looked left and right before preparing to leave.

This was Celestial Light Sects internal tournament grounds and as a disciple of Green Cloud Sect, it originally wasnt a place which he could stay for long.

Li Lingchuan hurriedly called out to him, “Mister Leng, wait a moment, I have a request!”

“Whats the matter” Leng Yi Feng frowned.


Li Lingchuan continued, “I need Murong Feis help to lure Li Moying over.

So Ill explain this entire matter to her but please do not expose the contents of the deal between us to her.”


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