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Huang Yueli should have known this point much earlier but right from the start she had assumed that the Qilin spiritual beasts thunder attribute innate talent would definitely be higher than Li Moyings because it was after all an ancient spiritual beast!

But the scenarios which happened later on made her rather stunned.

Because the person who slowly gained an upper hand, was actually Li Moying!

This meant to say that Li Moyings thunder attribute innate talent was above the ancient spiritual beasts!

What kind of innate talent was that What kind of potential was that

Even if Huang Yueli self-admitted that her innate talent had surpassed most people and that she had been through huge waves but just the thought alone left her trembling in fear!

Wasnt Li Moying a little….

too perverse

At this moment, Li Moying and the Qilin spiritual beast were entering the end of the battle.

Li Moying had based his innate talent to deflect most of the Qilins damage and even in this abundant thunder attributed profound qi environment, he kept on absorbing the energy from the surroundings to build up his own power.

Under this kind of huge pressure battle to improve himself, his speed became faster and faster as his moves were getting more and more precise and overbearing.

Huang Yuelis eyes grew wider and wider because Li Moying seemed as though he was entering the state of advancement again!

It had only been half a year since he advanced into seventh stage and right now he was going to breakthrough to seventh stage realm sixth level!

According to this speed, he would be able to break through to the ninth stage realm in under two years!

Even when he was in his previous life, the speed of advancement was much slower, and was totally incomparable…..

Li Moyings imposing manner was getting stronger and stronger whereas the Qilin spiritual beasts power was gradually becoming weaker and weaker under his attacks.

Roughly after two hours, Huang Yueli could see from her naked eyes that the virtual image of the Qilin was becoming more and more illusory and blurry….

This was the display that its energy was becoming weaker and weaker and that meant that its battle power had already dropped drastically.

Huang Yueli heaved a long sigh as she knew that they should be able to get past this stage.

Indeed, Li Moyings last consecutive moves lit up the sky in dazzling rays, making one become blurry eyed and lastly a sword glint stabbed viciously into the Qilins heart!

With a “Peng” sound, the purplish lighting which enveloped the Qilins virtual image was completely shattered by him!

The virtual image turned into specks of thunder attributed energy as it slowly dissipated into the sky.

Li Moyings face revealed a smile as he kept his sword.

Huang Yueli immediately pounced towards him as she anxiously checked on him from head to toe, “Moying, are you alright! Earlier I was really scared to death.

That was an ancient spiritual beast!”

Li Moying shook his head and laughed, “No need to worry, that was just a virtual image of the spiritual beast thoughts being trapped here.

It had been so many years and it could at most preserve ten percent of its actual ability! Plus the compatibility of the attribute, dealing with it wasnt especially difficult.”

Huang Yueli stared at him, “Do you think Im a fool Using these words to coax and lying to me! You really think that I couldnt tell that you almost got into trouble initially! Look at all these wounds on you…..”

She used her hand to rub Li Moyings largest wound on his chest, making that man suck in a deep breath of cold air immediately.

Even though he was able to neutralise most of the thunder attributed profound energy which had caused damage but those electric currents still caused damage to his physical body and that was something unavoidable.

Now, there were numerous external injuries on his body and some of these malicious wounds were still bleeding.

But it merely looked serious on the surface only.


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