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At this moment, Li Moying only felt as though his body was soaked in boiling water as extreme pure Profound Energy surged inwards, repeatedly crashing against his dantian.

 This sensation was something that he wasnt unfamiliar with – advancement, was right in front of him!

 He was originally at seventh stage realm peak, just one step away from eight stage realm and right now under the provocative Qilins Profound Energy, he was unstoppable and very soon, he broke through to the last boundary.

 His surrounding aura rose up faster and faster….

 Finally, amid a burst of piercing ray, he successfully advanced into the eighth stage realm!

 Spiritual beast Qilin was simply shocked beyond words.

 “Seriously Does it need to be that exaggerated Based on this young fellows bone age, hes just merely twenty over years old.

An eighth stage realm at twenty years old… even in God Realm, hes also considered as a top rated genius.

Furthermore that would require the clans heavily invested resources before they were able to do it… this fellow…..”

 Just as Qilin was in a daze, Li Moying had speedily re-adjusted his condition.

 He had been on the verge of advancement for several days now and as he had been accumulating everything for quite some time, so this time round, success followed naturally when all the conditions had been fulfilled.

 After advancement, he immediately entered a battling posture as the Amethyst Light Sword in his hand shone even brighter than before! The speed of the absorption of Profound Energy also became faster!

 Qilin was completely angered as the scales on its back all started to give off blaring electric currents!

 At the same time, Li Moying also discovered that the Profound Energy which he could absorb had already reached the limit and if he continued on his meridians werent able to accommodate it at all.

 With no choice, he could only choose to give up.

 A burst of electricity flashed past his hand and following the Amethyst Light Swords sword blade, it shot into the lower back of the spiritual beast Qilin.


you little fellow….



 Qilin had totally not expected Li Moying to reverse the flow of the Profound Energy so it tried its best to take back its Profound Energy but as it was caught unaware, the two Profound Energies layered onto each other and instantly it suffered an intense backlash as the Profound Energy shot right to its heart, sending it flying!

 Furthermore, it spat out a blue coloured fluid in mid air.

 This was formed from Qilins Profound Energy and once it got in contact with air, it dissipated into thunder attributed energy.

 But its action meant that it had already suffered a heavy injury, which was no different from spitting out blood.

 Qilin was heavily injured by Li Moying but he himself wasnt in any great shape either.

 As the spiritual beasts potential was just too powerful, he didnt dare to show any mercy as he used up all his power to strike back.

All of the Profound Energy which he had absorbed during advancement was thoroughly exhausted!

 Earlier when he was merging with Qilins Profound Energy, his meridians were already hurt and right now, he was totally depleted of his energy and his body instantly felt as though he had been emptied.

 Li Moyings complexion turned extremely pale and his sword blade pointed downwards, piercing onto the ground.

 On the other side, spiritual beast Qilin sprawled onto the ground as it panted heavily, as though it totally couldnt climb up anymore.

 Every breath it took, it would spray out blue coloured energy mass, evidently it was injured very seriously.


it was still alive.

 Li Moying had not forgotten his own mission.

It wasnt to defeat spiritual beast Qilin, but….

to kill it!

 If it was just to defeat the other party, then the victory was already clear and he could be considered to pass the stage.

 But now the aim was to kill…..

 Earlier he had used ninety percent of his Profound Energy and had gained an unexpected huge advantage which was why he dealt the Qilin with such a heavy injury but that blow was unable to kill it!

 However, Qilin was heavily injured now and he still gained the absolute advantage.

 Li Moying silently thought quickly but at the next moment, his eyes turned wide with shock.


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