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Chapter 1656: Who will win (3)

Li Moying knew clearly that Guo Zhenqing had taken interest in his Lier for sure.

This old mans sight isnt too bad, but unfortunately he had misjudged the scenario wrongly.

Li Moying shook his head without any hesitation, “Elder Guo, we really dont wish to raise any conditions but we just merely dont want to join Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace…”

Guo Zhenqing frowned, apparently not believing in what he said.

“Mister Li, we are upright people so we wont say unclear things! You and your fiancée have arrived in Sky Emperor City, certainly to seek more chances and to seek a breakthrough in your way of cultivation! Based on your innate talent, to breakthrough, youre merely lacking in cultivation methods, inheritances and various resources and all these….

are exactly our Splendid Violet Heavenly Palaces forte!”

“Although among the Seven Sacred Lands, we Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace had always been the lowest key clan, but in terms of inheritances and resources, we are in no way inferior to the other few families! Moreover I can guarantee that you and your fiancé will obtain Splendid Violet Heavenly Palaces full support, choosing freely from any cultivation method or resources which you want!”

The minute he said that, it caused another bustle.

The conditions which Guo Zhenqing had raised actually wasnt much different from Cheng Zhenbo but the amount of money involved was miles apart.

Soaring Havens Merchant Guilds inheritance and resources, were after all limited.

But Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace as one of the Seven Sacred Lands, the number of inheritances which they helmed were as vast as the deep sea, innumerable.

Many ancient cabala which seemed to have been lost from an outsiders view, could all be found in the Scripture Depository.

However, in such a large powerhouse, inheritances were also hard to obtain as the management was extremely strict.

Even for direct disciples, it was necessary to use the Clans contributions to exchange for it.

Now Guo Zhenqing actually made the promise of choosing freely as they wished, just what kind of concept was that

Even if he was Splendid Violet Heavenly Palaces Elder, not everyone had this kind of authority! If this went out, it would make all the practitioners in Sky Emperor City envy them to death!

Everyone assumed that when Li Moying heard this condition, he would definitely not hesitate any further and agree to it immediately.

This was a rare opportunity which could not be found easily and once theyve missed it, how would there be a second time

Even if Li Moying really didnt want to incline towards any forces but he would surely change his mind at this time right

Even Luo Jiyun, Mo Yi and the rest also felt that Li Moying would nod his head!

Whoever knew that when Li Moying heard that, the expression on his face did not change as he resolutely shook his head.

“Elder Guo, Ive already made things very clear! No matter what conditions you offer, its impossible for me to join the Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace!”


Guo Zhenqing also couldnt breathe!

As Sky Charts twelve ranked top exponent, he didnt have many opponents in the entire Sky Emperor City so whichever practitioner saw him wouldnt shiver in fear and trepidation, treating him like an Emperor

How many years had it been since he had automatically expressed any good intent towards anyone

Whoever knew that he had already got off his high horse and yet Li Moying actually refused to give any face to him

On hearing the surroundings whisperings, Guo Zhenqings old face couldnt hang on any further!

“Good, youre indeed a peerless genius who had appeared once every ten thousand years, indeed conceited! A pity, no matter how high your innate talent is, your wings have yet to grow and youre being too arrogant! Since you refuse to listen to my kind words, then dont blame me for being nasty!”

Guo Zhenqing couldnt take his loss of face as his expression changed and the Profound Energy in his body suddenly gathered in an instant as he abruptly struck out!

A ninth stage realm practitioners penetrative and overbearing Profound Energy suddenly struck out towards Li Moying!







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