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Chapter 1684: Lier, dont be angry (1)

It was till this day when Cang Po Jun brought back Li Moying to Levitation Sword Palace with great fanfare did they realise that their Sovereign wasnt in closed door cultivation but had been reborn!

Huang Yueli was certain that these two attendants had already told them everything that they knew.

But wasnt this version exactly the same as the rumours in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent

If what she wanted was to find out about these, would she need to go question them

Looked like Li Moying had maintained absolute secrecy that year, other than the few trusted aides beside him, practically no one else knew what had happened…..

To find out the truth, she could only start from himself and his Four Great Guardians.

This was cumbersome.

Ten over days had passed and Huang Yueli still hadnt thought of any ideas.

Of course she was also not appeased and still remained indifferent towards Li Moying.

Finally, even Luo Jiyun sensed the uncommon atmosphere in Levitation Sword Palace as he hurried over to Huang Yuelis side to mediate.

“Lil Sister-in-law, long time no see, how have you been recently Im here to visit you…..”

“Stop the crap, did your Eldest Senior Brother send you here”

Luo Jiyun just entered the room and met with Huang Yuelis rolled eyes as he was instantly stuck in his shell.

“Ughh, ha ha, how is that possible Of course its not.

I miss lil Sister-in-law so Im here to pay you a visit…..” Luo Jiyuns head was filled with sweat.

He had not expected to be exposed the minute he reached this place, almost coming to light.

Luckily before he came over, Li Moying had already analysed the possible scenarios and the corresponding methods to deal with it so he was able to react in time and immediately denied it.

Huang Yueli evidently didnt believe his words as her brows rose and said, “Fine, since youre not the traitor sent over by Li Moying, then later youre not allowed to mention anything related to him.

Otherwise Ill send you off immediately!”

Another sweat dripped down from Luo Jiyuns forehead.

This scenario was something that even his Eldest Senior Brother didnt teach him! If he wasnt able to mention a single word, how was he supposed to mediate

He wondered what begrudging thing had his Eldest Senior Brother done to actually make lil Sister-in-law so angry to this extent! Surely it couldnt be that he was with another woman and was caught by lil Sister-in-law right

If it really was this, then who on earth should he help

Luo Jiyun immediately replied, “Wont mention, wont mention! I promise that I wont mention! Sister-in-law youve really mistaken me.

Im just here to have a chat with you.

You said this before that no matter what problems we meet in Blue Profound Sect, we can seek your help!”

Huang Yueli then nodded her head and said, “Then have a seat!”

She let someone serve them tea and snacks and asked, “How is it, these few days, have you and Mo Yi the rest got used to staying in Blue Profound Sect”

Luo Jiyun gave a bitter smile and said, “Got used to….

Im still alright but Brother Mo Yi and the others arent in very good condition…..”

Luo Jiyun had obtained the rights to become a direct disciple and adding on to the fact that he was Li moyings Junior Brother in South Sky Region, hence he was specially permitted to stay in Levitation Sword Palace.

Every single disciple or attendant in Levitation Sword Palace were totally loyal towards Li Moying hence their attitude towards Luo Jiyun was very good as well.

Plus the fact that Luo Jiyuns physique and innate talent were not bad so he quickly adjusted to Blue Profound Sects lifestyle.

But it wasnt the same for Mo Yi and the others.

Even though they were inner disciples but Blue Profound Sect was Soaring Heavens Continents number one Sacred Land! Even the most ordinary outer disciple had at least seven grade upper innate talent.





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