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Chapter 1733: Déjà vu (4)

In the certification hall, although those young Armament Masters had listened to Ye Xing Huas command and all returned to the examination hall.

But as they couldnt suppress the curiosity in their inner hearts, all of them started crowding around Huang Yueli once again.

On one look, everyone was completely shocked.

There was no change of explosion or whatsoever happening and not only that, the armament furnaces lid was lifted up slightly as faint purple smoke whiffed out from the small slit.

Apparently, not only had the materials in the furnace been purified of the impurities successfully, the stage of fusion was also completed so the next step would be the last step of armament refining – moulding!

No one had expected that Huang Yuelis refining speed was actually this fast.

Ordinary Armament Masters who refined the same grade of Profound Armaments would spend at least four hours for the first two steps of removing impurities and fusion.

But now, from the time when Huang Yueli lit up the fire to preparing for moulding, she only spent a total of one hour.

Moreover the item she refined was the complicated low to mid tiered Profound Armament Silence Seal…..

This speed, wasnt it slightly a little too ridiculous How on earth did she do it

Everyone was having the same question on their mind so when they took a look at Huang Yuelis side, no one wanted to move and totally couldnt be bothered about their own assessment as everyone stood in a daze by the side, thinking to catch and see what she was going to do next.

“This Young Miss Bai….

Earlier she had thrown all the materials inside altogether, could it be that she had refined everything at one go”

“Otherwise Earlier when the armament furnace vibrated, it shouldnt be due to explosion but rather the materials had all been refined successfully hence the impurities needed to be discharged”

“But… refining the Silence Seal requires….

forty over materials….

How on earth did she manage to do it, to actually control them all for refinement together”

“Dont know but… she really did it! I heard from the legends once that during that year, Grandmaster Huang had an exclusive secret skill to put large quantities of materials together and refine at the same time.

I thought that it was an exaggeration from someone else! So theres really this method of refinement!”

The crowd all started to discuss this, not only exclamations of admiration but there was someone who raised their doubts as well.

“But this way of refining materials, will the quality really be the same as those general ways of refinement Will there be any flaw existing inside, if it caused the Profound Armament to not be able to be moulded into shape, then it would be terrible!”

“Im also thinking of the same question, could this really be able to be moulded Even from using the energy from the flame, it could barely be moulded into the shape but Silence Seal required four different states and the stabilization nature was usually much weaker than ordinary Profound Armaments.

Even if the common method of refinement for this would also easily cause it to shatter during use.

Her way….

is it really possible”

“Thats right, we still need to be realistic when we refine armaments.

Whether the speed is fast or not, it really doesnt matter too much.

The most crucial part is to the quality of the manufactured product”

“Really unsure what will the shape of the Silence Seal look like after Young Miss Bai finally refines it out”

Everyones eyes opened wide as they waited for Huang Yuelis last refinement process result.

On the other hand, Huang Yueli had a solemn expression on her face as her eyes were fully concentrating on the armament furnace, as though the complex changes around her did not cause any bit of influence towards her.

No matter if it were the people rushing out earlier or when everyone returned and once crowded around her, her personal state of mind was unchanged totally.

From the start till the end, all that was on her mind was the Profound Armament which she was refining.


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