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Chapter 1754: Kicked an iron plate (2)

The two guards whom Cang Po Jun allocated to her were also seventh stage realm top exponents and based on the cultivation method inheritance in Blue Profound Sect, when they faced same levelled practitioners, they should gain the absolute advantage.

How could they possibly be defeated so easily by two fellows who dont even dare to show their faces

The shorter practitioner couldnt help but started laughing loudly, “Why Did you think that youre totally prepared just because you brought along two seventh stage realm practitioners Let me tell you, Sky Emperor City isnt like South Sky Region, that kind of countryside place.

There are plenty of top exponents here so seventh stage realm really isnt considered as anything! Your two bodyguards have probably waited too long for you hence when someone went up to chat with them, they just went on ahead to drink some tea!”

“So you added something into their tea” Huang Yuelis brows rose.

“Haha, thats right, youre rather smart! These Blue Profound Sect disciples think too highly of themselves and probably have never thought that the other powerhouses people actually dare to openly drug them” The shorter practitioner spoke with disdain.

Dont look at his current haughty attitude right now.

In actual fact if it was under normal circumstances, he really didnt dare to do something like drugging Blue Profound Sects direct disciples.

But now on seeing the greatest opportunity right in front of his eyes was to capture this young lass in front of them and a bright future would be ensured, hence he didnt put too much thinking into this!

Huang Yueli revealed an enlightened look and at the same time became assured.

Looked like these two guards were merely drugged unconscious and would not die for now.

But Blue Profound Sects disciples quality really wasnt much these days! If it was sixteen years ago, such brainless disciples would have been kicked out of the sect by Mu Chengying long ago.

The taller practitioner saw Huang Yueli in deep thoughts and thought she was afraid as he became even more complacent, feeling that his mission today was considered successful.

“Young Miss Bai, dont rely on these two fellows regaining consciousness to come save you.

This knockout drug can last for at least twenty four hours and they wont be regaining consciousness anytime soon.

Moreover we are currently in a path where we are off the beaten track and usually not many people pass by this place.

Its so quiet now so no one will come over to save you!”

The shorter practitioner continued, “Isnt that so Youd be calling your eyes out and crying for help to no avail! So dont bother with those unnecessary resistance! We are men who knows how to protect the fairer sex and youre such a petite young lady so as long as you listen to us obediently, we will not do anything to you.”

Huang Yuelis brows rose as she laughed coldly in her mind.

These two dumb asses were really meaningful.

They were only in seventh stage realm initial level cultivation and they actually dared to stop someone so arrogantly in the middle of the street!

Did they really treat her as a weak young lady who would allow anyone to bully her

She believed that they would find out very soon that offending her Huang Yueli was absolutely the same as kicking an iron board! Later shed make them cry!

Huang Yuelis mind was racing these thoughts but her expression revealed an extremely terrified look, as her long lashes kept on fluttering while her voice turned so gentle that it seemed to be like a mosquito buzzing.


you guys really dont hurt me”

She originally had outstanding looks and when she acted weak, it added some charm and the shorter practitioner immediately became lustful.

“Of course we wont.

Hur hur, such a beauty like you, who has the heart to hurt you Isnt that right, Senior Brother” He turned and took a look at the taller practitioner.


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