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Chapter 1780: Winner of Cloud Mounting Chart (6)

When Feng Zhehao heard that, he immediately responded, “Since you say Junior Brother Li will definitely win, then just let him come attend the assessment! Otherwise who doesnt know how to make empty promises Since you are so confident to say such words, but he doesnt dare to come, it really makes me doubt if what youre saying is the truth or not!”

Hes most afraid of people saying that theres nothing for him to be delighted about over his win.

If Huang Yueli were to bite on this point, he would really not be able to pull his face down.

He had not expected that Huang Yueli would actually continue saying that Li Moying would definitely win which gave him a chance of rebuttal.

Since youre so arrogant, then how about showing a hand or two

But Huang Yueli merely casted a floating gaze at him and said, “Its up to you to believe or not, what does it have to do with me Anyway, Moying is not interested in the ranking of what Cloud Mounting Chart so whatever you say is of no use at all!”

Feng Zhehao felt as though he was given two tight slaps by someone.

He had valued the ranking of the Cloud Mounting Chart so much but from Huang Yuelis mouth, it sounded as though Li Moying totally didnt treat this ranking as something important.

This was equivalent to saying that his position as Number One of the Cloud Mounting Chart, in Li Moyings eyes, wasnt considered as anything at all!

He clenched his teeth tight as he flew into a rage out of humiliation, “Forget it if youre not willing to convey the message! I will get someone to send my battle invite to Levitation Sword Palace! If Junior Brother Li doesnt dare to come, I can only assume that his ability is not up to mark and hes afraid that he will lose to me! By then, everyone will know that hes a coward who is as timid as a mouse!”

Saying that, he turned around and left.

The surrounding practitioners started to discuss even louder than usual and he felt that he had no face to continue staying on here.

Originally he thought that sending out a battle invite to Li Moying would give him a tight slap on his face.

But in the end, not only did he not successfully secure the battle, he didnt even get to see Li Moying and he was even run on a bank by his fiancée so much that he couldnt even pull his face down.

Since when had he ever suffered such grievance, especially after he had spent so many glamourous years in the Number One Sacred Lands!

After Feng Zhehao left, the surrounding practitioners saw that there was no show to continue watching and that days assessment was about to start so they started to disperse.

But everyone was still whispering about Li Moyings matters.

Luo Jiyun was filled with suspicions and took many gazes at Huang Yueli, wanting to ask something but didnt dare to.

“Just say whatever you want to!” Huang Yueli finally found him too frustrating to look at.

Luo Jiyun lowered his voice, “Ughh, Lil Sister-in-law, Eldest Senior Brother is really not coming to take part in the assessment”

Huang Yueli took a curious look at him, “Forget it if other people ask about it, why are you asking about this for Its not as if you dont know, if your Eldest Senior Brother were really to take part in this assessment, what ranking would he even need to fight with other people for, then in future… wouldnt other people laugh their teeth off”

Li Moyings actual identity would be revealed sooner or later.

By then, as the Sovereign of Blue Profound Sect, just because of a sentence from a younger generation disciple made him take part in an extremely dumb assessment ranking, if this matter leaked out….

he would probably be the talk of the entire Sky Emperor City for many years to come.

“But… but… isnt that Feng Zhehao too arrogant Eldest Senior Brother wouldnt come and if everyone thinks that Eldest Senior Brother is really afraid of him, then what should we do”

Luo Jiyun was still unresigned over this.

Huang Yueli shook her head while bursting out in laughter, “Those talented practitioners who are able to join Blue Profound Sect, which one of them are retards Who wouldnt know that Moying is more incredible! Only you dont understand this.

To tell you the truth, Feng Zhehao invited Moying for a battle, not because he is high spirited but because hes worried that your Eldest Senior Brother will be accepted by Sovereign as his disciple!”

“Huh But….

isnt Eldest Senior Brother…..



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