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“CANG, NING, YUE! I gave her a chance on account of Po Yus face but Ive not expected that a leopard doesnt change its spots! This time round, I will ensure her a dismembered body!”

The cold intent beneath Li Moyings eyes was enough to freeze the entire Blue Profound Sect into an ice river.

Huang Yueli sighed silently, knowing that Li Moying was indeed infuriated this time!

Cang Ning Yue was really seeking her own death this time round with no chance of survival.

She was merely a little worried, not knowing what kind of reaction would Cang Po Yu had.

As Soaring Heavens Continents Number One Array Master Cang Po Yu, he had always been Li Moyings right hand man and if this incident gave birth to animosity, what should they do

But Li Moying was still upset right now and it was all because of her so Huang Yueli merely thought about it but didnt say anything at all.

“Alright, Moying, dont be angry, havent you managed to save me in time Youre really good to me.

Lets return back now and Ill personally whip up a meal to show my gratitude alright” Huang Yueli tugged his sleeve as she swayed gently in an attempt to placate him.

Li Moying swept a glance at her and gave a cold harrumph, “Trying to bribe me with just one meal No way! This is not even your first offence!”

“Aww~~ dont be angry anymore alright This time is an accident, an accident! Moreover youre overly anxious, in the past during the experience learning, Ive met with even more dangers than this but arent I still alright….


Li Moying lowered his head as he bit down hard on her neck.

Both bites were hard bites and it left distinct teeth marks on her neck which looked especially evident.

“You have the cheek to mention this! In the past you shouldnt have taken the danger up by yourself, its all my fault for not controlling you! In future youre not allowed to do so, do you hear me” Li Moying looked at her from up close.

Huang Yuelis sweat…

Being cautious and prudent wasnt wrong but which practitioner didnt take any risks when they were out for gaining experience If they werent able to take any risks at all, then they could forget about dashing up to the cultivation peak!

This man, he was really overly anxious!

Looking at the little foxs eyeballs rolling around but she didnt say a single word, Li Moyings heart started to flare up again.

He lowered his head and wanted to bite her once again.

Huang Yueli immediately raised up her hand and covered his mouth quickly.

“Hey… Hey! Dont be like this, so many pairs of eyes are watching us!”

Li Moying stuck out his tongue and licked her palm.

Huang Yueli hastily withdrew her hand.

Li Moying then spoke lazily, “Wheres the people”

Huang Yueli went into a daze as she turned her head to the left and right only to discover that they hadnt reached the ground, but….

were on the summit on the rear mountain behind Blue Profound Sect.

This place….

Was the final destination of the Sky Ascension Stairs! Seven thousand meters end point!

Huang Yuelis eyes widened her eyes, “Hmm Were… on the summit! You brought me here along with you”

Li Moying was able to reach this place by himself which was something which she wasnt surprised about.

But he brought an immovable her along but he was still able to reach the summit together, this….

was something which even Huang Yueli was shocked about.

Li Moying replied calmly, “Whats so difficult about this In the past after the first time Ive reached the summit, Ive always been up here often.

As long as you grasp the method, its just an easy feat.

By the time your cultivation raises up a little higher, you will be able to do it as well.”

Huang Yueli blinked at her suspiciously, “What are you doing up here for no good reason”

“Of course theres a reason…..”

Li Moyings lips curled as he brought her and turned towards the other direction.



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