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Chapter 1830: Probe (2)

What they needed to do was to certify that Mu Chengying was no longer alive before they dared to take genuine action.

Otherwise if Mu Chengying were really to breakthrough to the tenth stage realm, the minute he came out of his closed door cultivation, he would probably kill them all in just one move!

“Since thats the case, then you guys must definitely not appear to be too weak.

You must be hard enough in order to make those powerhouses who fear the strong and bullies the weak to stop short.” Huang Yueli responded.

Cang Po Hun nodded his head in agreement, “Grandmaster Huang, what you said is correct! Every time Big Brother would appear very strong as though Sovereign would come out of his closed door cultivation at any moment and initially it really did scare quite a number of people.

But after using the same trick for too many times, the effect gradually weakened and now many of them were certain that Sovereign had already passed away, and their attitudes are much stronger than Big Brother Po Jun! Big Brother isnt able to suppress the scene every single time.”

“Take this time for example, Seven Stars Palace and Cloud Ocean Sects Elders are all in ninth stage realm peak, apparently they dont have the intention to let this go easily…..”

“Since thats the case, lets hurry over and take a look quickly!”

Saying that, she hastened her footsteps as she ran towards the front hall.

“Ughh, Grandmaster Huang, wait a moment, Grandmaster Huang!”

Cang Po Hun called out to her anxiously.

He came over this time round wasnt to ask Huang Yueli to take care of this matter.

If she was the Palace Lord Huang in her past life, this matter would of course be settled easily but now her status must not be exposed and although her innate talent was excellent, but she was just too young and her ability was just not powerful enough.

Just based on her innocent and pure young lady appearance, how was she able to suppress those few wily old foxes who came with ill intentions

However, Huang Yuelis body movement was the strongest as she ran off like a wisp of smoke which even Cang Po Hun was unable to stop in time.

He was deeply worried that Huang Yueli would get into trouble hence he could only hurriedly chase after her.

Levitation Sword Palace front hall.

Leng familys clan leader Leng Weiming sat on the guest seat and his hand was holding on to a tea cup but only half of his butt was seated on the chair as he was shaking in fear and trepidation, unable to sit or stand still out of nervousness as he looked apprehensively at Cang Po Jun who was seated vertically above him.

Ever since Mu Chengying had gone into “closed door”, Cang Po Jun had been representing the authority of Blue Profound Sects Sovereign, also to aid Mu Chengying in entertaining all the visitors.

But he had never once sat on the main seat, only on the second seat by the side.

This was to announce to everyone that Mu Chengying was still around, and as his subordinate, he didnt dare to assume dictatorship without permission.

Leng Weimings gaze went round the empty main seat and suspicions filled his heart.

Had Mu Chengying really passed away, like what the rumours said If he hadnt passed away, why hadnt he appeared ever since then He had gone into closed door cultivation for the past sixteen years, which was extremely uncommon.

But if he was really dead, why was Cang Po Jun able to persist on for so many years, living on as the identity of the Eldest Guardian, and not become the Sovereign instead Not even daring to sit on the main seat

Although Cang Po Juns ability couldnt be compared to Mu Chengyings ability which awed the Seven Sacred Lands that year, but he was also a top exponent on the Sky Chart and he could still take a firm hold on the position of Sovereign…

Just as Leng Weiming was letting his thoughts run wild, Cang Po Jun spoke out.

“Clan Leader Leng, Elders, you all are rare visitors! Today youve visited Blue Profound Sect, and even insisted on paying a visit to Sovereign, I wonder what can we do for you Surely its not as if you dont know that our Sovereign had always been in closed door cultivation”


Before Leng Weiming could say a single word, his sweat already broke out.

He was only a tiny character in Sky Emperor City and if it wasnt for Seven Stars Palace and Cloud Ocean Sects instigation, where would he ever find the guts to come to Blue Profound Sect!


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