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Chapter 1871: Greatest fear (3)

“Lier, whats the matter Im doing all these to quickly resume back to my former ability which is why I try so hard to cultivate.

Its not as if you dont know the current situation which Blue Profound sect is now facing….”

Li Moying attempted to explain.

Huang Yueli stretched out her finger and placed it on his lips, which made his urgent defence come to an end spontaneously.

“Is it really because of this reason Because you want to quickly resume your ability Isnt it because… if you dont go into seclusion, there is a possibility that you might faint in front of me, and you dont wish for me to see all these”

Bewitching peach blossomed eyes instantly widened and Li Moying stared at the young lady in front of him in shock, holding on to her little hand as he moved aside.

“What nonsense are you thinking about Theres no such matter, youre thinking too much!” Li Moying subconsciously denied.

Huang Yueli stared intently at him, “Really Moying, are you really not lying to me If I were to say that I already know about that little secret which you want to hide from me”

Li Moyings heart jumped as he almost jumped right up from the floor.

His little fox already knew about it How could it be possible Which bold fellow dared to ignore his command and leaked the secret out The number of people who knew about that matter were just those miserly few

Li Moyings expression sunk and that earlier gentleness disappeared instantly, as a chilly cold fury dissipated from his body.

“Who told you Cang Po Jun Or Cang Po Yu They dont even listen to my orders, are they trying to start a rebellion Men…..”

Li Moyings anger rose up as he was about to fly into a rage.

He had been planning meticulously to hide this from Huang Yueli, naturally because he had no choice but to do this because there was nothing which was more important than matters concerning Huang Yueli.

Cang Po Jun and the rest had repeatedly committed mistakes and he kept on enduring but this matter….

he absolutely had the mind to kill them on the spot!

Huang Yueli had not expected his reaction to be so intense as she got a shock and couldnt help but frowned.

“Why are you so fierce Are you intending to punish all of them Youre obviously in the wrong so how can you blame them Theyre all loyal to you and you shouldnt hide this kind of matter from me! Moreover, your illness isnt told to me by Brothers Jun.

It was Doctor Shangguan who told me about these when he did the consultation for you yesterday.”

Hearing that, Li Moyings furious emotions seemed to have eased a little.

“Youre talking about….

my illness Doctor Shangguan said that”

Huang Yueli stared daggers at him, “Right! Did you really think that your bodys condition can be concealed always Every single time you act up, your body turns weaker and weaker and you will be unable to hold on because your primordial spirit is weakened hence the recuperation period becomes longer and longer.

Why didnt you tell me about these things Still lying to me that youre in closed door cultivation”

“Do you know or not, that Id be worried”

Li Moyings serene and profound gaze fell onto her anxious little face as his right hand rose up, gently caressing her face, “Lier, its exactly because Im afraid that youd worry so I didnt tell you…..”

When he said these, he was rejoicing over this in his heart!

He thought that the matter which he had been hiding from Huang Yueli, had totally been exposed!

After such a long time, he was almost cheated by this little fox.

So she only knew that his condition was worsening but totally clueless about the underlying reason…..


As for his body taking a turn for the worse, he originally knew that there was no way to keep hiding it from Huang Yueli because this sort of matter could be easily seen through by any doctor with perfect mastery of medical expertise.


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