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Chapter 1877: Fame of Number One Divine Doctor (4)

Huang Yueli waited for quite some time but didnt hear her fiance praising her.

Instead she saw the unfathomable expression on his face and ended up with a few phrases of vulgar language.

She poked his handsome looking face in dissatisfaction as she pouted.

“Whats the matter with you Why are you so unhappy Could it be that youre starting to be jealous again Please, whether Brother Liu likes me or not, thats his own matter, I have no feeling towards him alright Moreover speaking, Brother Liu is rather good to you.

He had never said anything to me previously and he saved your life so many times so how could you have the cheek to scold him”

Li Moying originally was feeling melancholic but upon hearing his own fiancee berating him because of another man, the anger in his chest started to burn up.

He grabbed Huang Yuelis hand tightly as he wrestled her into his arms and propped up her chin forcing her to meet his eyes.

“Youre actually helping him Who is your fiance exactly Is it because you found out that Li Buyan liked you for such a long time and so sentimental so it made you very touched Feel that you owe him something”

Huang Yueli looked at his taut handsome face and realised that this mans vinegar urn had just toppled once again as she instantly felt amused.

Unfortunately, her lower jaw was still in control by that mans big hand so even if she found it amusing, she just simply couldnt laugh.

She intentionally said, “Since you put it in this way, it had indeed reminded me that I really seem to feel sorry towards Liu Buyan….”

Li Moyings strength in his hands instantly increased, “Really You feel that youre sorry towards him You want to make it up to him Too bad, youre already engaged to me! I will never allow you to take another look at another man so whatever you want to do, its already too late because I will not allow it! You can give up on this!”

Huang Yueli was pained by his grabhold and couldnt help but stretched out her hand to push him away.

“I dont mean it in that way… youre hurting me… mmph!!”

Huang Yueli realised that she had gone a little overboard in her game and hurriedly spoke out to explain, but the man who had upsetted the vinegar urn simply didnt wanted to hear what she was saying, as he held her waist tightly, forcibly attempting to lift up her chin and as his head lowered down, he planted his kiss fiercely on her lips.


Huang Yueli sensed a piercing pain and at the same time, blood stench started dissipating in her mouth…..

What kind of man was he! How could he be so savage!

Huang Yueli wanted to cry but shed no tears as she deeply regretted her actions of intentionally teasing this man earlier…..

Indeed, the huge vinegar bucket shouldnt be casually kicked otherwise she would follow in the suffering but alas, she only realised this logic now…..


Huang Yueli peeked open her eyes slightly and was able to see the mans aminent and outstanding lateral view.

His jaw was taut due to anger and that pitch black pupils were squinted slightly, the man was exuding a dangerous aura which was flowing out which made her heart beating faster….

Even at this moment, she couldnt help but let her mind wander.

Her future husband was really suave….

No wonder so many ladies liked him.

Huang Yueli silently swallowed her saliva.

Just as Huang Yueli was prepared to give up on resisting and lie down straight to be subjected to his teasing, Li Moyings body suddenly swayed and the strength which was binding her tightly abruptly disappeared.

Following that, the mans tall statue suddenly swayed hard and fell completely on top of her.

Huang Yueli went into a blank as she flusteredly stretched out her hand to catch him.

Seeing his straight brows creased together apparently with a pained look, she suddenly recalled that this was probably the aftermath of Li Moyings Soul Detachment Illness.

She hurriedly pushed him and called out softly, “Moying Are you not feeling well”

Li Moying gave a low groan in reply.


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