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Chapter 1943: You want her, or you want your life (6)

If this was the case, even if his Soul Detachment Illness was completely cured and he was able to break through to the tenth stage realm becoming a peerless invincible top exponent, what was the point in that anymore

It would be better if he was dead!

“How is it Very hard to decide” Liu Buyan asked indifferently.

Li Moying gave a resolute reply, “Ive already put things very clearly, this is impossible! Scram! And dont think that youre able to hide Lier for life, I will definitely save her!”

“Hope that you will have enough lifespan to stay alive until that day!”

Liu Buyan didnt bother to continue getting tangled up with him but got up resolutely as he turned around and prepared to leave.

When he reached the door, his footsteps suddenly halted as he turned back his head to take a look at the man leaning on the bed.

“At least we are old acquaintances and I can still give you one last chance.

I will be staying in Sky Emperor City for a total of seven days and if you have thought through this during this period of time, you can ask your men to come look for me anytime! Dont blame me for not reminding you, your illness could at most be dragged on for seven days.

If you havent considered carefully within these seven days, even I will not be able to turn around the hopeless situation…”

“By then, I will remember to go to your grave and thank you for giving up an exceptional beauty like Bai Ruoli with both your hands to me…”

When Li Moying heard what he said, the piercing pain in his heart stabbed hard as his hands suddenly clenched into fists.

Alas, his Profound Energy had been completely drained and there was no way that he could forcibly work up any energy to attack Liu Buyan any further.

After Liu Buyan was done, he didnt even turn back to take any look at him as he strode off leisurely, walking out directly.

The moment he walked out of Levitation Sword Palace, a flurry of hurried footsteps came chasing after.

Cang Po Jun chased out and in a moment, he blocked his path.

“Divine Doctor Liu, you… youre just going to leave Sovereign in the lurch Have you forgotten about how you and Sovereign were best buddies in the past How many times had the both of you braved through life and death scenarios and saved each others lives How could you be so heartless How could you watch him dying with your eyes wide open Have you really turned so cold blooded to this stage, totally not considering any past relations”

Liu Buyan looked at him silently as the corners of his lips twitched as though he wanted to say something but then he endured it.

After some time, he gave a long sigh, “Leave now! The matters between Li Moying and I, arent something that you can dabble in!”

Cang Po Jun became anxious as he continued to speak out, “Divine Doctor Liu, This Subordinate knows that I cant dabble in these matters but… no matter what grudges you two have, Sovereign is about to die! Do you really want to see him dying in front of you This Subordinate begs you…..”

Saying that, he plopped kneeling onto the ground.

Liu Buyans brows creased as he stretched out his hand to hold on to him.

“Get up! What do you mean by this If I am able to see him die, would I have made this trip”

The simplest way for him to get Bai Ruoli was just to wait until Li Moying died quietly.

He did not even need to come over to Blue Profound Sect, nor did he need to do anything.

He just needed to wait… and Li Moying would die naturally!

But, he still came….

He didnt know what was wrong with himself.

In the dead of the night, where the moon was bright and stars were few, before he even realised it himself, he had already dashed out of Huang Yuelis room out of the Alchemist Guild Headquarters valley as he proceeded on the trip towards Sky Emperor City.

Huang Yuelis tears made him feel heartache, but only he himself knew that the reason why he left, was absolutely not only because of her nightmare.


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