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Chapter 1971: Stubborn and tsundere old man (3)

Huang Yueli casted a glance at her and said indifferently, “This is my own problem so I wont trouble any outsiders to worry about it.

Young Miss Shu had better worry for your own self!”

Shu Yali had not expected that she wasnt a little bit anxious at all hence she instantly felt unhappy about this.

“Looks like you still havent realised the problem that youre facing Did you think that picking medicinal herbs is very easy Today I shall do my good deed for the day and impart a little knowledge about medicinal herb harvesting!”

“Harvesting medicinal herbs is not as simple as plucking out the portion which you need, but to preserve a majority of the part of the medicinal herbs to the greatest extent, as well as to not injure the plants root, so that it could still be replanted to yield the same fruits.”

“And to be able to achieve this point, one must first grasp the specialised method of harvesting medicinal herbs.

Every kind of medicinal herb requires different methods to handle, and some even requires many years of practice before one is able to grasp it perfectly.

Other than this, preserving the medicinal herbs medicinal effect, is a huge requirement on ones Earth attributed innate talent and those with higher grades of innate talent will find it easier to harvest the medicinal herbs! As for trash like you….

no matter what kind of good medicinal herbs which fall into your hands, it will all become a pile of weed!”

Shu Yali spoke frankly with assurance, and after saying a pile of things, her gaze which was filled with ridicule fell onto Huang Yueli.

“To tell the truth, I really feel the pain for those medicinal herbs which Divine Doctor Dai had painstakingly bred! I advise you to tell the steward on your own that you will not go harvest the medicinal herbs and will leave directly! Otherwise if you were to ruin Divine Doctor Dais medicinal herbs, god knows what kind of rage will he fly into He is someone who will side with a disputant whos in the wrong and hes also extremely petty….

Im saying all of these for your own good!”

Huang Yueli watched her finish her words silently and gave a smile, “Young Miss Shu is indeed a pill refining genius, you indeed know a lot.

Thank you for explaining to me but since youre so free to have the time to bother about how Im going to harvest the medicinal herbs, why not think about how you are going to handle it for yourself After all, other than me, there are six other genuine Pill Masters who are your opponents”

When Shu Yali heard that, her expression changed.

She just recalled that while she was on loggerheads with Huang Yueli, the other Pill Masters had all dispersed , heading to their own plots of land to make preparations.

Whereas she, was wasting so much time on a young lass who was destined to be eliminated!

She turned her head back and gave Huang Yueli a fierce stare, “Hng, no matter what, this time youre absolutely going to run into bad luck, lets just wait and see!”

Saying that, she turned around and left in a jiffy.

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders and picked up her token as she headed towards that plot of farm of hers to take a look.

As expected, the plot of land which she was allocated, was a terrible sight.

As the medicinal herbs did not have enough care, there were signs that many of those were about to turn yellow and dry up, and some had already flopped crooked on the side.

As Huang Yueli had just read yesterday, so she managed to recognise that this piece of land was planted with an extremely rare medicinal herb – Drought Land Pearl Lotus.

As the only lotus which could grow in drought land, it is able to cure internal injuries caused by various attributed Profound Energies and also has the effect to heal meridians and is one of the ingredients in many high levelled medicinal pills.

Moreover, it was very hard to take care of.

As long as it is lacking in a little bit of sunlight or water, it would affect the medicinal effects.

The more serious consequence would be to dry up immediately.

Looking at the medicinal farm, the majority of the parts could no longer be used as medicinal herbs for use.

“Looks like that guy surnamed Feng had indeed dug a hole for me…” Huang Yuelis brows rose.


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