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Chapter 2145: Rising star competition begins (3)

“The faster your speed to distribute it, the higher marks you will obtain and at the same time, the lesser mistakes you make when distributing the herbs, the higher marks you will get.”

“I must remind everything that if youre unable to distribute it out totally within one hours time, or if the percentage of mistakes is ten percent and above, then you will lose the qualification to enter the next round of competition.”

“Everyone please do your best! Now, the competition will start!”

Very soon, many bamboo baskets were distributed to each participant.

This round of assessment was simply too simple and the task of distributing the medicinal herbs usually didnt require certified Pill Masters to do it.

A highly experienced Pill Master apprentice would be able to do this very well.

The only difficulty was the regulated one hour duration and percent of mistake restriction, which to some Pill Masters who didnt have a solid foundation, would pose some sort of difficulty.

To Huang Yueli, handling these medicinal herbs was naturally an easy task.

Even before she had acknowledged Dai Boqi as Master, she was already able to tell the difference between the similar Nine Leaf Turn Grass and a Nine Leaf Lingzhi so these ordinary low levelled medicinal herbs in her hands, were naturally easy peasy.

Not too long later, she had already arranged the medicinal herbs in order and also pressed the bell for the judging committee to check on it.

As she was the first to press the bell and the amount of time that she had spent was not even a quarter of an hour, this time round it had indeed attracted quite a number of peoples attention.

“Theres actually someone who finished distributing it that quickly This speed is really not ordinary!”

“Yi Somethings not right, take a look at the person who pressed the bell.

It seems like Dai Boqis new disciple!”

Master Zhang was called on by the bell and was very astonished.

The topic was always the same in every Rising Star Competitions first round but those who were able to complete distributing it within a quarter of an hour were countable with one hand.

He took a look at Huang Yueli and asked, “Are you certain that you want to be assessed now Theres still a lot of time left, are you sure that you dont want to change anything”

Huang Yueli nodded her head without any hesitation.

Master Zhang then lowered his head and picked up stalk after stalk to check on it.

Numerous people stretched out their necks and paid attention to the piles of medicinal herbs in front of Huang Yueli, curious to know what was the percentage of her mistake.

After a short moment later, Master Zhang lifted up his head with a stunned look, “This… this is simply too surprising! The first person to complete the competition is Young Miss Bai, Bai Ruoli and the percent of mistakes of distribution is zero, with no stalks having any errors! Congratulations to Young Miss Bai, for obtaining the full marks of twenty marks in this round of competition!”

This was within Huang Yuelis expectation and she merely gave a slight smile and nodded her head, as she said “Thank you Master Zhang” and walked back to her own seat by the side to rest.

The surrounding participants and the stages spectators were all dumbstruck as they looked at her, unable to speak of the astonishment they had.

“She actually… actually didnt have a single stalk wrong And her speed is so fast! Isnt that a little too incredible Wasnt it said that she didnt know how to refine pills just one month ago”


could Master Zhang have seen it wrongly”

“How is that possible Master Zhang is a seventh ranked Pill Master! We can only say that this Bai Ruoli has some skills!”

“Thats no wonder, after all shes Divine Doctors disciple and if she cant even distribute the medicinal herbs, that would really be throwing Divine Doctor Dais face! The only thing we dont know is in the next two rounds, will she still be able to perform so brilliantly”

After the short moment of shock had passed, all the spectators all began to re-evaluated Huang Yueli.


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