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Chapter 2213: Return to Northern Ice Fields (5)

Since Huang Yueli had nothing to do, hence she explained the situation to them.

Mo Yis reaction was the fastest as he immediately responded, “This Subordinate understands now.

Northern Ice Fields is just like South Sky Regions Dark Moon Forest, both are locations for practitioners to do experience learning”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and said, “To put it in simple terms, thats exactly so.

But theres still something different about Northern Ice Fields than Dark Moon Forest.”

“Oh Grandmaster Huang please advise us.” Mo Yi said.

Huang Yueli continued, “It was rumoured that thousands of years ago, among the entire Soaring Heavens Continents Heaven & Earth Profound Qi, the most condensed region was along the North side hence there were many God Realms great clans branches which had built their headquarters along the northern area, which is the current Northern Ice Fields primary inner region.

Hence Northern Ice Fields was originally one of the four restricted zones and had the most number early historical remains, as well as the most number of chances among all the regions.”

Seeing that Mo Yi and the others tempted to have a go, Huang Yueli added, “But chances and danger co-exists and the Northern Ice Fields are much more dangerous than Dark Moon Forest so dont make any rash decisions.

When we arrive at the destination, you must listen to my commands, do you understand”

The Shadow Guards immediately nodded their heads.

Liu Buyan was drinking tea as he chipped in an unhurried manner, “Thats right, the area of Northern Ice Fields is vast and moreover its extremely mysterious.

In the past there were legends that in the Northern Ice Fields, there are descendants of the ancient God clans hidden within.

But these few years Ive been over to the Northern Ice Fields several times but had never encountered the so called descendants of God Clans so I believe that its just a rumour.

But everyone had better be careful as a precaution.”

Li Moying didnt say anything, merely paying attention to Huang Yueli who was by his side, as he accompanied her.

From Sky Emperor City to Northern Ice Fields, the distance was around ten thousand miles, extremely far away.

Even with Snow Cloud Sky Ship as a conveyance, they took nearly a months time.

In this period, a large number of people on the flying ship were trying their best to cultivate, hoping that they would be able to exhibit their best state when they were engaged in the oncoming battle.

Initially, Huang Yueli was able to cultivate along with everyone with a concentrated frame of mind.

But as the destination got closer and closer, her cultivation time became lesser and lesser and most of the time, she stood alone on the deck, leaning against the railing as she gazed afar.

This night, she appeared out alone on the deck again.

Suddenly she heard familiar footsteps coming from her back and immediately following that, a warm and thick Snow Fox skin cape was draped around her shoulders.

“Its already so late but yet you came out wearing so little clothes Arent you afraid of catching a cold”

Li Moyings voice contained slight hints of anger as his slender fingers stretched towards the front of Huang Yueli as he tied the ribbon on the clock properly before he held both her and the clock into his broad and robust chest.

Huang Yueli raised her head as she looked at him and murmured, “Im not a weak young lady, Im a seventh stage realm practitioner! How is it possible that I will catch a cold”

Li Moying lowered his head and saw the young ladys palm size little face wrapped in the middle of the Snow Foxs fur in his arms which appeared even more fair and petite, and the pouting lips were extremely cute and adorable.

His heart jumped as he couldnt help but lowered his head, planting his lips onto that pink set of lips.


Huang Yueli gave a dull moan but she didnt struggle, merely shrinking into the mans embrace obediently, allowing him to kiss as much as he wanted.

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