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Chapter 2239: Simply a miracle! (2)

In the end, she acted smart and wanted to berate Huang Yueli on Meng Hongyes behalf but instead fawned on the horses feet instead.

Meng Waner could not understand but in front of Meng Hongye, she didnt dare to be rash as she could only stare at Huang Yueli fiercely in secret.

In her heart, she had one thousand and one hopes, just waiting for Huang Yueli to make a fool of herself when restoring the mechanisms, revealing her real identity as a swindler.

By then, just see how she would deal with this wretched lass!

Huang Yueli heard Meng Hongyes words and her face finally surfaced a satisfactorily smile.

“Looks like Valley Master Meng is an understanding person! Since thats the case, I wont be beat around the bush.

As long as the people you sent are able to listen to my commands, and there are no problems with the materials, then restoring the mechanism array which Palace Lord Huang had set up back then would absolutely be no issue at all.

But to restore the ancient mechanism, I wont dare to guarantee that.”

Meng Hongye was stunned and instantly joy was reflected on her brows, “This….

Young Miss Bai, are you certain that you can do it”

Huang Yueli smiled as she said, “We cant rely on a verbal agreement so since everyone is already here, lets have a go at it and well know.”

Meng Hongye didnt expect her to be so straightforward and since it was like this, her confidence in her increased again as she hurriedly waved her hand and instructed the attendants who were following her as they carried the materials over which they had already prepared.

One after another large box was carried onto the empty land as the boxes were opened, revealing the ingredients inside.

Huang Yueli walked over and checked every single box carefully, even stretching out her hand to check the materials that were covered on the bottom layer.

While she was checking, she casually put her hand into the materials and rearranged it according to different qualities.

Meng Hongye was watching by the side as she silently was amazed!

Ice Serpent Valleys collection of these items had actually been arranged according to quality but yesterday, when they were in a hurry to find the materials, it was all piled up together when it was shifted out.

But the bottom of the boxes were actually marked with individual markings.

Meng Hongye herself roughly knew which boxes materials had slightly better quality but to Huang Yueli, she had never seen these serial markings hence it was impossible for her to know which materials were good or bad.

However she was still able to sort out the materials quality from low to best within a short period of a quarter of an hour….

This was something that very experienced Armament Masters would be able to achieve!

While Meng Hongye was in a daze, Huang Yueli had already straightened her back as she dusted her clothes.

“Not too bad, indeed one of the few super large powerhouses in Northern Ice Fields.

The quality of this collection of materials is not too bad and in fact its been preserved rather well.” Her sight shifted towards the few guards behind Meng Hongye as she asked, “These few brothers over here, later youd be assisting me to help restore the array right”

Meng Hongye hurriedly nodded her head, “Exactly, these few are our first rated top exponents in Ice Serpent Valley and Ive already instructed them that they would totally listen to Young Miss Bais instructions today.”

The few guards all walked up together as they cupped their fists in greeting.

Although they felt very puzzled and didnt understand why such a young lass was able to gain Meng Hongyes trust, but since Valley Master had given her instructions, they all just had to obey.

Huang Yueli sized them up in a few gazes as she revealed a satisfied expression, “Good, good, then following this, Ill prepare to restore the mechanism.

Other than these few brothers here, will everyone else please stand further away, in case you are hurt by the array by mistake.”

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