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Chapter 2291: Quickly kill them all and lets eat (3)

She was considered to be very lucky to have escaped the calamity earlier!

If she continued to stay here, she would lose her life sooner or later!

Luckily, those two beasts were now chasing that little slut and couldnt be bothered about her so this was a rare opportunity!

If she didnt choose to run now, then when

As for Huang Yueli, she was facing two eager Snowfield Great Wolves hence she didnt have any spare time to bother about Meng Waners reaction.

Her whole bodys senses were taut as she gripped onto her Icy Jade Zither tightly while

the other hands fingers were placed on the zither strings lightly, waiting to take action!

The two Snowfield Great Wolves exchanged glances and suddenly leaped up high into the

sky at the same time as they charged towards Huang Yueli!

Huang Yuelis fingers loosened as she swiftly brushed the zither strings.

A crisp sound reverberated!

Obviously a crisp and melodious zither tone but it sounded like a powerful army which shook

ones eardrums into piercing pain!

Two heads of Snowfield Great Wolves werent able to evade this kind of penetrable demonic

tune which entered their brains as their brains felt a dull pain while they couldnt help but kept shaking their heads as they howled towards the skies!

Huang Yueli hit the bullseye and immediately drew out a dagger below the zither as she threw it out with Profound Energy!

The daggers speed was extremely swift and the surroundings were enveloped with

fire-attributed Profound Energy and when it flew against the wind, it gave off a crackling sound like a red coloured shooting star, racing forward!

A stab was heard!

Daggers sharp blade pierced right into one Snowfield Great Wolfs heart and penetrated

through its chest!

A stream of blood splattered and splashed onto the ground.

The Great Wolfs body shook and

fell onto the ground with a loud bang.

Huang Yueli cried out vexly, “Ugghhh my gosh! I ruined the skin of the Great Wolf that I killed!”

Before she could even finish her words, she heard Li Moyings roar from behind, “LIER, BE CAREFUL!!!”

Huang Yueli already sensed a warning sign before she heard Li Moyings reminder and she

hurriedly hugged her Icy Jade Zither as she rolled onto the icy ground.

One head of the Snowfield Great Wolf which attacked her earlier, had unknowingly crept behind her and was pouncing towards her from her back.

Huang Yueli was rolling on the ground as her fingers kept strumming in the zither.

An intimidating demonic sound kept ringing and the Great Wolfs body started twitching and finally, it could not stand the head splitting pain as it started to lie low on the ground while howling, as it scratched its sharp claws on the slippery icy surface, tearing out streaks of deep scratches.

Huang Yueli got up and patted the ice off her body as she returned back to the front of the Great Wolf, thinking of how to kill it but yet not harm its skin.

Her Profound Energy wasnt as ferocious as Li Moyings thunder attributed Profound Energy and plus the fact that her cultivation was slightly weaker, if she really wanted to learn from him to kill the Great Wolf with one palm strike, it was impossible.

“So its rather difficult to retain an entire piece of perfect skin! I have really blamed Guardian Jun wrongly!” She pondered over this.

Just as she was in a daze, steady and strong steps were heard coming from her back.

Following that, a mans deep voice which reflected some signs of anger rang, “What are you doing Facing a Snowfield Great Wolf while in a daze, dont you want to live any longer”

Saying that, a burst of Profound Energy flew out beside Huang Yueli and hit right smack on the head of the rolling Great Wolf.

With a “Boom” the Great Wolf which was hit immediately fell straight down after its head slated to one side.

Huang Yueli turned her head back and took a look to find that Li Moying and the others had already settled all the remaining Snowfield Great Wolves.

Cang Po Jun and the others were already working on handling the dead Great Wolves corpses.

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