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Chapter 233 – Talent showcase

Set on her idea, the Imperial Concubine displayed a dignified smile and slowly opened her mouth.

“As the ancients’ saying goes: As people face the peach blossoms, they reflect on one another.

This year’s peach blossoms have bloomed so well and with all the ladies and gentlemen present, all who are beautiful young and outstanding talents.

When this  Royal sees them, she is happy.”

She paused and turned to look at the Emperor.

“It’s just inevitable to avoid drinking.

And from this Royal hears, these young ladies here are all very talented.

So it’s better to take this opportunity to demonstrate a thing or two now.

This will add a level excitement to the banquet.

How does the Emperor and Empress Dowager think of this”

Hearing this, the Emperor immediately said with great interest: “This idea is good, all will be done according to the Imperial Empress’ idea!”

Empress Dowager also nodded.

This had been the ultimate purpose of this banquet.

With these young ladies gathered together, after evaluating their looks and upbringing, it would be a showcase of their talents.

The crowd of golden spooned young ladies also immediately reacted, their spirits ignited.

They had been waiting for this opportunity.

They wanted to use this opportunity to catch the attention of the Emperor and the several Princes!

The Imperial Empress said: “The banquet has just begun.

We will be performing mainly talent showcases.

Whether in singing, dancing, calligraphy, painting or poetry, you may choose and perform as you wish.”

Obviously, no one dared to voice their dissent.

Looking around the stage, the Imperial Empress’ gaze eventually landed on Huang Yueli’s body.

“Since we have no problems, then it will be done according to seating position! First is Third Young Miss Bai.

What are you going to showcase”

Everyone’s eyes landed straight on Huang Yueli.

All a little condescending.

Everyone knew that Third Young Miss Bai was a real idiot and waste; needless to say about cultivation.

Even if the average lady learned poetry and painting, while she basically learned nothing.

Wu Wei Manor deliberately gave up on this waste, hence their refusal to invite a decent teacher.

But towards outsiders, it was said that this niece was stubborn headed, with a hot temper.

That she had angered a master teacher which they had invited over with great difficulty!

If one were to describe the former Bai Ruoli’s past experiences at such events, you could only use the word: tragic.

To all other performances which resulted in a house full of applauses, she could not even perform the simplest dancing jump.

God knows how many people secretly ridiculed her!

So this time, they all assumed that Third Young Miss Bai…….probably will shame herself again!

This time, it was shaming infront of the Empress Dowager!

Bai Ruoqi could not help but smirk slightly.

This little slut was up first, how was this not amusing Do not think you are fit for this position!

Currently, the talent show has been arranged from the first position onwards.

Not  leaving her the slightest bit of preparation time!

Let’s see how this damn girl will stumble!

Detecting the eyes from all around her, Huang Yueli did not panic or show her nervousness.

Displaying a sweet and gentle smile, and in the manner of lady, she proceeded to slowly stand up.

Towards the Emperor and others, she paid her respects.

“You Majesty, Empress Dowager, Imperial Empress, Imperial Concubines and fellow ladies and gentlemen, this girl is Wu Wei Manor, Bai Liu Feng’s daughter Bai Ruoli.

Since Her Highness has personally called me out, then Li’er will not be courteous and perform first!”

The Imperial Empress accidentally looked at her.

Her reason for calling her out first was due to past rumors she had heard.

About her inability to perform even the most basic of skills.


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