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Chapter 2383: Little gigolo who lives off women (1)

Bai Liufengs brows couldnt help but start twitching.

Huang Yueli carried Li Moying horizontally as she ran towards him and urged, “Father, lets go quickly! Moyings condition looks like hes really not very well…..”

Bai Liufeng took a deep breath, telling himself that he couldnt scare his own young lass.

He tried his best to remain calm as he persuaded her, “My Lass, you must have been frightened in Snow Phoenix Palace earlier so its best that you take a rest Carrying such a heavy living person, its too tiring.

Its better to let your Senior Brothers help you”

Huang Yueli immediately shook her head, “No need, Father.

Theyre clumsy and Im afraid that they might just cause Moying to fall! I have a lot of strength and carrying a person doesnt take much effort at all!”

Bai Liufeng almost fainted!

She was afraid of this stinky brat falling!

What was wrong with that This lad looked so sickly as though he was about to breathe his last any moment and not only did he look like he didnt have any power to protect his darling girl, moreover he still had to be carried by his daughter and afraid of him falling! Simply a little gigolo who lived off women!

How could his darling girl possibly marry this kind of joker It was definitely because she was young and ignorant and on seeing him so handsome looking with a sweet mouth hence she was cheated!

Bai Liufeng was feeling stuffed but Huang Yueli was feeling extremely anxious as she kept on urging him.

“Father, why are you in a daze Lets quickly find a place to settle down, my Senior Brother still needs to refine pills!”

Bai Liufeng was helpless as he looked at Huang Yuelis watery eyes which looked as though she was about to cry.

He couldnt bear for his daughter to be worried and could only say, “Alright, all of you follow me…”

Forget it, he had just acknowledged his darling girl and forcing her to separate with this little gigolo would easily produce the opposite of the desired result.

It would be better for him to help treat that little gigolo and after he has shown benevolence and fulfilled his utmost duty, he would then think of a way to make him back down on his own…

Bai Liufeng led the way in front while Huang Yueli and the others followed behind hastily.

Liu Buyan was a world-wise man and when he saw Bai Liufengs ever changing expressions on his face, he already understood most of what was going on.

Then he took a look at Huang Yuelis face which didnt detect anything, he silently found it amusing!

Dont think that Li Moying was usually very smug in front of him, this time round he met with this father-in-law who had such astounding ability, he would most likely be deflated!

What was worse of all was Bai Liufeng had never seen Li Moyings usual awe-inspiring look but now all he saw was his half-dead look….

It would be a miracle if he was agreeable to marry his daughter to him!

The few of them followed Bai Liufeng, passing through several snow mountains before they stopped.

Bai Liufeng hit out some hand gestures towards that snow mountain and after a few streaks of array patterns flashed past, a transportation array appeared in front of their eyes.

“Quickly follow up!” Bai Liufeng urged.

The few of them hastily stood next to him and the golden ray flashed and all of them were teleported to another world.

Here, the four surroundings and the top was completely covered by thick layers of ice, and only a piece in the centre was hollow.

In this icy snow surrounded space, there were quite a few blocks of exquisite rooms which were beautifully constructed, and on one look, one could tell that it was a cave dwelling left behind by the previous generations.

Liu Buyan raised his head and took a look as he asked in astonishment, “Marquis Bai, this place should be the inner part of the snowy mountain that we saw earlier Ive never thought that the exterior looked like a normal mountain but its a totally different world on the inside!”

Bai Liufeng smiled as he nodded his head and replied, “You are quite knowledgeable, this place is actually a cave dwelling of an ancient practitioner.”

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