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Chapter 241 – Do I need your concern

Adding on the fact that she had not prepared anything else in advance.

If she were to  force a performance, she will certainly perform worse than the other young ladies.

What can be done!

She blamed the little slut Huang Yueli.

It was all her fault!

Like she was born to bring misfortune to her!

“Are you still hesitating Bai Ruoqi Are you not ready to play the qin today I can that you brought your cold water qin too.

Do not you want to use it”

Bai Ruoqi quickly turned around and found that those words were spoken by the sitting Third Young Miss from the Dingguo Minister House, Liu Yiyi.

Bai Ruoqi’s face immediately sank.

Liuyi Yi is a third grade talent.

Apart from her, she is another talented aristocratic young lady.

She heard that Dingguo Minister House had requested the help of an Pill Master to help Liu Yiyi advance to the Qi Profound Realm seventh level.

This was to aid in her challenge for the position of Imperial Concubine.

Moreover, Bai Ruoqi also heard people say that due to her quarrel with Crown Prince at the auction, Liu Yiyi took advantage to visit the Crown Prince several times.

She was also seen shopping in the markets with him!

Compared to Huang Yueli who could not cultivate, this Liu Yiyi…….is her bigger trouble!

Fortunately Bai Ruoqi gained that bottle of Spirit Cleansing Pills from Bai Liu Jing.

After a painstaking three days, she successfully broke through to the Qi Profound Realm, ninth level!

She first decided to remove the medicine smell from the pills.Then use this new strength to crush Liu Yiyi at the Peach Blossom Banquet.With her glares of jealousy and hatred, she will finally become the Imperial Concubine.

Unexpectedly, not only was Huang Yueli not forced to her death, but such a big scandal had ensued.

And now, this Liu Yiyi jumped out to challenge her!

Bai Ruoqi nearly crushed her ivory teeth.

In a sharp tone, she grinded out a few words.

“Do I need your concern ”

Liu Yi laughed: “Of course I will be concerned.

After all, there are so many people waiting to perform.

If you dally here, neither the show, nor allowing the next person to perform, you will just be wasting our time.

Hence do you not need the reminder”

“So what If I want to think about it for a while, it’s up to me…..”

The dispute between the two the Imperial Empress’ ears.

She coughed impatiently and asked: “Qi’r, have you thought about it yer Why is it taking you so long Liu Yiyi, what do you have to say”

Liu Yi Yi stood up without fear gave her respects to the Imperial Empress.

“Your Highness, Bai Ruoqi is embarrassed that the qin prepared today will not be up to par.

She did not expect that Bai Ruoli would perform better than her, so she does not dare to perform! Yiyi is courageous to say, since she is not willing to perform let’s not make it difficult for her.

Allow me to go perform instead!”

Since the disappearance of Bai Liufeng, Liu Yiyi’s grandfather Liu Yi became the new number one master of South Yue.

(Z: Liu Yiyi’s yi is different from her grandfather’s.

Hers means listening, while his means resolute.)

Therefore, Liu Yiyi had always been straightforward.

 Whatever she wished to say, she would say it.

Due to her good family and grandfather’s backing, people were helpless.

But due to her inferior talent, Bai Ruoqi was able to press her down.

Even the Crown Prince paid more attention to Bai Ruoqi.

Liu Yiyi envied Bai Ruoqi endlessly.

So when she saw a rare instance of Bai Ruoqi’s shame, she could not help herself but to ridicule her.

“This…….” The Imperial Empress frowned, unhappy: “Qi’er, are you really not going to perform”


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