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Chapter 2540: Its an illness, must treat! (9)

Huang Yueli frowned, somehow feeling that this sentence didnt really sound very right.

But Li Moying diverted the topic, “Lier, the day is no longer early so lets wake up to have breakfast.”

Saying that, he got up and jumped down from the bed, and at the same time, instantly turned his back on Huang Yueli to cover up his body reaction.

Damn it, early in the morning, he indeed couldnt get too close to Lier.

When she saw him getting up so decisively, although she felt that it was a little strange, but she trusted Li Moying very much and plus the fact that Dai Boqi also said that his body didnt have any problems, Huang Yueli didnt think too much into this.

Another day passed by again.

In the day, Li Moying acted very normally and other than some Sect affairs that he must personally handle, he would spend the rest of his time by her side.

The man was talented and the woman was beautiful so they were absolutely a loving model couple.

But when night time descended…

“Where is your Sovereign Where has he run off to again” Huang Yueli gritted her teeth as she asked.

Cang Po Jun replied to her in trepidation, “Madam, Sovereign he… ughh, earlier when he heard that Chi Xiao Jiu and the others almost escaped from the Serpent Hold, he was extremely angry and had now headed over personally to capture them….”

Those few fellows who had eaten bears hearts and leopards guts, they had yet to deal with them so they indeed could not allow them to escape easily….

Alright, consider this as a proper business as well!

But, the fourth day—

“Sovereign suddenly sensed the signs of his Profound Energy breaking through and has gone into his own palace to cultivate urgently, so within the next few hours, he cannot be alarmed….”

The fifth day…..

The sixth day…..

No matter how silly Huang Yueli was, by now she already knew that Li Moying was definitely hiding something from her! Moreover she wasnt silly at all!

But Li Moyings lips had always been very tight.

If it was something that he didnt want to say, even if one killed him, he would not spill a word at all!

Huang Yueli tried to use both carrot and stick on him, and even threatened to leave the place but she was still unable to find anything from him at all.

She also thought about getting the information from Cang Po Jun and the others, forcing them to tell the truth.

However, after a few rounds of interrogation, Huang Yueli also realised that Cang Po Jun and the others totally didnt know what Li Moying was trying to hide, so they could only instinctively listen to Sovereigns instructions to act.

This time round, Huang Yueli was in trouble.

Under her rage, she suggested sleeping in separate rooms with Li Moying!

Before they were married, whenever Li Moying heard her threat, he would absolutely not drag it out with her, and would listen to whatever she said.

But this time round, Li Moying actually agreed to it immediately.

“Lier, is it because Ive been too sticky in these past few days hence you are tired of me If you feel that sleeping in separate rooms gives you more freedom, then Ill respect your decision….”

Respect Respect my head!

Huang Yueli simply didnt dare to believe her own ears, as she was so angry that she almost lashed out!

But sleeping in separate rooms was something that she had suggested and Li Moying merely agreed to her request.

He had already conceded to her, so how could she possibly flare up

Huang Yueli didnt know what to say momentarily as she was so angry that all her anger was stuck in her throat and eyes which could not be unleashed.

Hence in order to express her dissatisfaction, she entered a cold war with Li Moying.

Not only did they sleep in separate rooms at night, even during day time, she also ignored Li Moying, shutting herself in her courtyard to cultivate.

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