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Chapter 2597: Split Soul! (5)

Huang Yueli immediately understood what had happened.

Her dream was indeed real!

She instantly asked relentlessly, “Why cant you tell Im your Junior Sister, why do you have to hide it from me”

Liu Buyan took a look at her and sighed while he spoke, “Because I have once promised Li Moying that I will absolutely not tell you about this matter…”

When she heard that, her eyes popped out from anger and she couldnt wish more than to run back now and whisk Li Moying up for a beating!

She had not expected that not only was this man tight-lipped, but he was also able to make other people keep his secret for him.

Cang Po Jun and the others refused to divulge this because they were his subordinates after all.

They didnt dare to defy Li Moyings orders but Li Moying was actually able to handle Liu Buyan as well.

This was out of her expectations.

Huang Yueli pouted and asked again, “Then… then you tell me, what is the art of Split Soul”

Liu Buyan muttered, “You actually even know what is the art of Split Soul The art of Split Soul is a secret art recorded in the ancient records…”

Huang Yueli stared at him as she waited for him to continue.

Whoever knew, when Liu Buyan spoke to this point, he suddenly shut his mouth as though he had finished explaining.

Huang Yueli was exasperated, “What else What cabala is this exactly Why is it that after you guys heard about it, all of you feel so shocked”

“This…” Liu Buyan shook his head, “I cant talk about this!”

Huang Yueli almost couldnt breathe!

All of them, were they intentionally going against her

She wanted to pound the table but after thinking through this, she controlled her temper and downplayed herself as she put on a pitiful look, “Senior Brother, whose side are you on I am your closest Junior Sister, isnt it Arent you on bad terms with Moying Why do you bother keeping the secret for him Tell me!”

She blinked her watery big eyes and put on a pure and innocent expression as her long lashes fluttered.

She appeared exceptionally weak and sweet.

Liu Buyan swallowed his saliva and his heart skipped a beat.

He almost let slip of the truth.

But when he thought of Li Moyings cold and composed face when he dropped by for an examination, he swallowed the words back into his stomach.

Although their relationship wasnt the same as in the past, in the times that they spent together in this lifetime, their rapport seemed to have slowly returned.

Li Moying had gone a great deal for Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan knew of his sacrifices.

He was even a little regretful for his impulsiveness back then.

Out of a kind of compensation mentality, he didnt want to expose Li Moyings white lies.

“Junior Sister…” Liu Buyan sighed, “Its not that I dont wish to tell you but I have my principles as well.

I dont want to be a person who cant keep my word.

Trust me, Moying must have his reasons for not telling you the truth.

Its impossible for him to harm you!”

Huang Yueli swept a glance at him, “Of course I know he wouldnt possibly harm me, but he might possibly harm himself!”

When Liu Buyan heard what she said, he was instantly shocked by the level of connectivity they shared.

Huang Yuelis casual sentence had exposed the dark secret that Li Moying had been hiding.

“Anyway, this matter…” Liu Buyan coughed as he thought of ways to reject her.

However, Huang Yueli interrupted him directly, “Senior Brother, if youre not willing to tell me, then I will not leave tonight!”

“What did you say” Liu Buyans expression took an abrupt change!

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