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Chapter 2652: Its my turn to haunt you (4)

One had to pay a terrible price if one resorted to non-abiding cultivation methods.

The reason why she and Li Moying had landed in their current predicament was possibly because of the secret secret technique that Li Moying forcibly executed.

It was his retribution for summoning back her shattered primordial spirit.

Li Moying had executed the secret technique that year because he wanted to save her primordial spirit.

And now if he self-exploded his primordial spirit, it would be the end of a complete cycle.

Only when the cycle ended, would the heavenly law be completed.

In this way, Huang Yueli would be able to continue living!

Li Moying understood this reasoning, and knew that it was destined.

Hence he decisively chose to self-explode.

But what he had not expected was for Huang Yueli to run back and stop him from self-exploding.

In this way, the cycle was broken once again.

The results of his prayer when he executed the secret technique could no longer be attained.

Huang Yueli might really die in this place.

But after a short moment of conflict, he resumed back to his normal calm.

If this was the result of their destiny, then… to be able to be interconnected with Lier before their deaths and also get married under the witness of their elders and friends.

And now, even before their deaths, they were still together.

To him, this was the fortune which he had not enjoyed in his past life.

Lord Zhan said coldly, “Retribution This Seat does not believe in retribution! I only know that as long as I am strong enough, I will be able to get whatever I want! You can rest assured to become two pieces of stepping stones for This Seats journey to the peak!”

As he was talking, he lifted the both of them together.

“On account that you are This Seats niece, I will allow you to die with this lowly man! Dont say that your uncle didnt take care of you.

You and your mother are slatterns.

Dont you just love to be together with this man of the lowly human race”

Lord Zhan laughed complacently as he dragged the both of them back to the Blood Moon Great Array.

On the boundary of the array, it was full of Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners dead bodies in a disorderly mess.

Huang Yueli felt like throwing up upon seeing the miserable scene in front of her.

There was an indescribable sadness and she couldnt help but to close her eyes.

Speaking of this, the Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners on the ground were all her clansmen.

Although these people were a little foolish, they were mostly incited by Lord Zhan and were not extremely vile people.

Their guilt should not be punishable by death.

Now they had all paid the price for Lord Zhans ambition with their lives!

Lord Zhan threw Huang Yueli and Li Moying at his feet, raised his hands in the sky and started to pray.

He closed his eyes and he looked dazed, as he seemed to enter into a state of insanity.

Li Moying laid on the ground and turned his head to look at the young lady beside him.

He signed softly, “Lier, you… youre too silly.

You shouldnt have come back!”

Huang Yueli looked at the handsome face which was stained with blood.

Those seductive and loving peach blossomed eyes were forever that attentive and emotional.

It seemed like just one look and he would be able to jump into her heart…

At this moment, if Huang Yueli still had any words of regret, it would be that in this lifetime, she had wasted too much time and wasnt able to stay together with Li Moying earlier.

She really wished that the both of them were childhood sweethearts from the start.

Then they would have stayed together and not wasted any time at all.

“I wish to accompany you.” Huang Yuelis lips curled and she spoke very softly.

It seemed as alluring as a kittens scratch.

“Usually youre the one who insists on getting tangled with me.

Now, its my turn to haunt you.

Otherwise, I wont have the chance anymore!”

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