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Chapter 2709: This is Embarrassing (4)

Huang Yueli heard her mothers emotional cries and her heart turned into a puddle as her eyes also felt damp.

In her past life, she was an orphan and had never seen her biological parents when she was young.

So she didnt know what it was like to have biological ties.

Although her Master was nice to her, she was smitten with cultivation and had a cold character.

Even towards her disciple, there seemed to be a layer of isolation, unlike Huang Siluo and Bai Liufengs true feelings.

Huang Yueli was once like her Master, striving to seek the peak in the art of cultivation.

She kept seeking cultivation and breakthrough, until the very end of her life.

No matter if it was love or kinship, it was merely an unnecessary burden and there was no need for it.

But now, not only did she obtain Li Moyings true love, but she also experienced kinship from Bia Liufeng and Huang Siluo…

It was only now when she understood how much she had once missed, so much…

For her, who had everything now, it was such a wonderful thing…

Huang Yueli hugged Huang Siluo back and cried, “Mother…”.

Her voice quivered and she started to choke.

Bai Liufeng saw the scene and couldnt help but feel a sour feeling in his heart.

He walked up to them and held the mother and daughter in his arms.

“Alright, alright, Siluo, dont be too upset.

Isnt our Lass Li perfectly fine now Shes able to come back in one piece under this situation, so that means to say that she is a lucky peerless genius! We should feel happy for her instead!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and said, “Yes, Mother dont worry, I wont die so easily! Moreover, I have a bodyguard right next to me…”

She lifted her head and took a look at Li Moying.

His arms were crossed around his chest, and he stood nearby as his eyes were fixed on her.

It was filled with nothing but tenderness.

Huang Yuelis lips curled upwards, and her sad face turned into a smile.

Bai Liufeng followed Huang Yuelis gaze and when he looked at Li Moying, his expression stiffened, and he couldnt help but give a cold snort.

“Although you are alright now, I didnt forget what that stinky brat did! Fathers telling you, in these times of crisis, you shouldnt be with a man who could disregard your life in times of crisis! After we leave the Northern Ice Fields, the two of you will divorce!”

Huang Yueli was stunned when she heard that, “Ah What Divorce Wh… Why do we need to divorce What exactly happened when I wasnt around”

Bai Liufeng didnt expect her to ask that, and she was stunned as well.

But immediately following that, he frowned.

“Youre asking me what happened Li Moying suddenly advanced and had a huge advancement in his ability.

He could even send Lord Zhan flying in one move! For him to gain such ability, surely it has something to do with you right”

Huang Yueli hemmed and hawed, “About this…”

The incident between her and Li Moying was something that she could not say in front of her father.

But Bai Liufeng already knew what was going on.

“Divine Doctor Liu had already told us.

A portion of Li Moyings primordial spirit is with you and he gained such huge advancement in his ability because he took away the primordial spirit from you! It was because of this that your life was in danger, and you almost died, isnt that so”

Huang Yueli then realized what had happened and blinked, “So… so all of you already know about it!”

She pouted and stared daggers at Liu Buyan, “Senior Brother! So you also know the Art of Split Souls incident, but you insisted on helping Moying to keep it from me.

You even… even lied to me!”

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