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Chapter 2778: Into the drawing (1)

Huang Yueli stood in front of the drawing and could already sense the powerful fire attributed energy coming from it as it dispelled out…

Her eyes revealed a sense of astonishment.

She had not expected the third stage refinement location to have a drawing like this.

One should know that drawings and calligraphies like these were different from normal array patterns.

Theoretically speaking, it shouldnt attract the outer worlds Profound Qi, nor could it attract Profound Energy fluctuation.

But now, the Profound Qi in this secret room evidently revolved around the drawing to form a Profound Energy vortex.

This strange scene made Huang Yueli remain stunned on the spot.

Moreover, she could sense a scorching warm feeling in between her brows.

As though the Sky Phoenix Ring in her body had formed a resonance with the drawing, both seemed to be responding to each other.

Huang Yueli spent a great amount of effort to quieten the Sky Phoenix Ring.

At the same time, she felt extremely shocked!

This drawing could create resonance with a God Relic like the Sky Phoenix Ring, it must be something extraordinary.

She wondered what was the background of this drawing

Just at this moment, Huang Zixiaos voice rang from her back.

“You see this This is the contents of your third stage trial.”

“ Whats that” Huang Yueli blinked and asked.

Huang Zixiao knew that she didnt grow up in Sacred Phoenix Race so she did not know much.

Hence he didnt waste any time and simply started explaining.

“I dont know if you heard of this.

Several thousands of years ago, there was once when the Sacred Phoenix Race had a peerless strong practitioner.

Even in a place like God Realm where the experts there are plentiful, he was able to crush all twelve families and push Sacred Phoenix Race to the peak.

This clansman not only refined the Sacred Phoenix Races crown treasure, the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Moreover, in terms of his full-blown ability, he also created this , fusing all the fire attributed conceptualization and principles that he had comprehended into this.”

Huang Yueli finally understood what was going on.

So, this was actually born from the same person.

No wonder the two items could sense each other.

Hearing his words, she went into a blank and asked, “Conceptualization Principles What are those”

Huang Zixiao looked at her in surprise and asked, “You… dont even know what conceptualization and principles are” He sighed and continued, “No wonder.

This originally is something that only practitioners of tenth stage and above could grasp.

After Soaring Heavens Continents had been isolated by the space barrier, practitioners could no longer ascend to God Realm.

Hence this slowly became lost… Thats such a pity.

If you were to be born when Sacred Phoenix Race was in full blossom, you might have reached an even higher cultivation path, and it might be much higher than now.”

He thought for a moment and explained, “To put it simply, practitioners can display destructive energy mainly because they had communicated with the Heaven and Earths Profound Qi and utilized these energies.

To ordinary entry-level practitioners, absorbing Heaven and Earth Profound Qi to turn into their own Profound Qi was the most basic thing.

To high levelled practitioners, they could use their Profound Qi to influence the surrounding Profound Qi, thereby pulling out even more power and form their own domain!”

Huang Zixiao looked at Huang Yueli and said, “Youve already advanced into the ninth stage realm, and your innate talent is so high.

I believe that youve already comprehended your own fire domain”

Huang Yueli nodded upon hearing that.

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