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Chapter 2855: Make a Move First (5)

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Huang Yueli surveyed the surroundings and couldnt help but frown.

This place looked a little too desolate, just like a barren land.

There wasnt a single house in sight.

Moreover, there werent many trees and everywhere was filled with messy shattered rocks.

When the bitter wind blew during the night, it gave off a howling sound which was rather scary.

Huang Yueli had not expected Huang Sanbai to pick such a ghastly place as their resting point.

After the Azure Luan stopped, Huang Sanbai said, “Lass Li, why dont you go down and look for a place to rest first.

I have to feed the Azure Luan some food and drinks and will go look for you later.”

Huang Yueli took a look at him and said subconsciously, “Why dont I go with you I also want to take a look to see what the Azure Luan usually eats! If I can rear one in the future, then I can take care of it properly.”

Huang Sanbai laughed and said, “Theres no point for you to take a look at it now.

Only the Azure Luans owner knows how to take care of it usually.

When Clan Leader agrees to let you rear the Azure Luan baby bird, someone will naturally teach you.”

Huang Yueli blinked and nodded her head, “I see…”

“Thats right, exactly so!” Huang Sanbai hurriedly thought in his mind, “Young lass, can you get off now”

However, he didnt expect that after Huang Yueli nodded her head, she continued to say, “No matter, Im just taking a look.

How can I expect an elderly man like you to do all the work whereas a junior like me to rest first”

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Huang Sanbai couldnt help but frown.

This young lass refused to listen to his instructions!

In this way, his original plan would change!

But Huang Sanbai merely hesitated for a moment and started to smile.

He spoke with a pleasant look, “Alright.

Since your curiosity is so strong, lets go and take a look together then! This Azure Luan seems to like you a lot so you can feed it personally!”

Saying that, Huang Sanbai jumped down from the birds back and took out a huge quantity of medicinal grass from his realm ring, and pushed it under the Azure Luans feet.

These medicinal grass species seem to be exclusive to God Realm only.

Huang Yueli had never seen those before.

The color was lush green and as compared to the jade green color, it was even more sparkly and translucent.

Moreover, it even gave off a special fragrance.

This fragrance was especially tempting and one couldnt help but take a few more whiffs of it.

The Azure Luan lowered its head and pecked the medicinal grass slightly with its sharp beak.

It didnt devour it in mouthfuls like what Huang Yueli expected But instead, it turned around and showed a disdainful look.

It even stretched out its feet and pushed the medicinal grass aside.

When Huang Sanbai saw that, he couldnt help but frown.

“Whats going on This is the Azure Luans favorite spiritual heart grass! How could it possibly not eat it Could it be sick”

When Huang Yueli heard the Azure Luans chirping sound, she started to turn anxious, “Then what should we do”

Huang Sanbai immediately said, “But thats hard to say… perhaps its too tired and thirsty, so it doesnt have any appetite.

Why dont we do this Lass Li, I saw some spring water in front.

Can I trouble you to bring me some water The Azure Luan only drinks running water and cant drink stagnant water in the interspatial ring.”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli couldnt help but take a couple more looks at Huang Sanbai.

His face still had a warm smile, and the way he touched the Azure Luans back was also very gentle.

He totally didnt look abnormal at all..

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