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Chapter 2876: Set Off To Look For Li Moying (1)

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Thinking of this, Huang Yueli instantly became agitated!

When she was in Soaring Heavens Continent, she did think about going to look for Li Moying immediately when she reached God Realm.

But God Realm was so huge and there were so many people.

It would pose a difficulty to search for Li Moying in the vast number of people.

That was why she chose to return to Sacred Phoenix Race first.

Although she had been assassinated by Huang Sanbai and couldnt go to Sacred Phoenix Race now, she could find out where Li Moying was!

Huang Yueli quickly made a decision and set her mind to go look for Li Moying in Cloudy Qilin Continent.

She climbed up instantly and patted off the dust on her clothes.

Then she waved to the two birds by the pond.

“Alright, we should set off now! Prosperity is too obvious so its better to go back to the realm first.”

The Azure Luan nodded its head obediently and entered the realm.

Little Phoenix turned back into a nightingale.

It was lively by nature.

As it had been locked in the Sky Phoenix Ring earlier, it had really been bored out of its mind.

Now that it was finally released, it wasnt willing to go back, no matter what.

Huang Yueli saw its appearance and since it no longer looked like a phoenix, she just allowed it to do as it wished.

“Alright, if you want to fly alone, go ahead and do it! But you have to be careful.

When you reach a place with lots of people, you have to keep your mouth shut!”

In God Realm, only spiritual beasts could turn into a human form and speak human language.

No matter how strong or how much spiritual nature ordinary spirit beasts might have, it was impossible to do that.

If Little Wang Cai were to speak casually, it would easily arouse other peoples suspicions.

“Alright, I know! Female Devil, dont worry.

I will listen to what you say, dont worry about it!”

Little Phoenix lifted its talon and scratched the feathers on its head with an extremely innocent look.

Huang Yueli took a suspicious look at it, expressing that she didnt believe in it…

If this fellow could stop making trouble for just one day, pigs would fly!

These two used the sun above them to differentiate the direction and flew towards the east.

As expected, they didnt fly too far away before Little Phoenix couldnt stand it any longer.

It started to call out to Huang Yueli while standing on her head, “Female Devil, why did you head in that direction Were going further away from the pond!”

Huang Yuelis lips twitched.

“Didnt you agree not to talk”

Ever since Huang Zixiao had trained Little Phoenix for a year, this little thing had activated the skill of talking in its original state.

According to Huang Zixiaos saying, this was a tremendous improvement and also a kind of upgrade in Little Phoenixs ability.

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But to Huang Yueli, this wasnt a good thing at all.

Because Little Wang Cai had become even more irritating than usual.

It was simply no different from a human race brat! No, that wasnt right.

It was even noisier than a brat because brats wouldnt climb on top of her head to screech!

She glowered at Little Wang Cai but it wasnt afraid at all.

In fact, it even spoke forcefully and with justice.

“Female Devil, what are you worried about We havent met any living people along the way! Theres no problem for me to say a few words right now!”

Huang Yueli was speechless.

“I thought you agreed to listen to what I say”

Little Phoenix flapped its wings.

“I… its not that I didnt listen! Im doing this for our safety so thats why Im giving you a special reminder! Senior Huang taught me that the safest route along the wilderness is to follow the water!”

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