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Chapter 2889: Pass With Flying Colors (4)

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The waiter heard her resolute tone and gave up his hard selling.

His expression was ghastly as he turned around and retrieved the book from the shelf.

Huang Yueli took a look at the book.

The title was printed clearly on the cover page.

The book was a thin brochure and the cover was rather simple.

It only took one glance and one could tell that it was totally different from those exquisitely designed “high level cultivation methods” that the waiter had recommended earlier.

But Huang Yueli merely flipped through it quickly and was extremely satisfied with it.

“I want this book! How much is it”

“Ten low grade spirit jades!”

Huang Yueli immediately took the required amount of spirit jades out and made the payment.

She ignored the disdainful look in the waiters eyes and walked out of the door.

By the time she returned to the inn, she took the book out and started to read it in detail.

“God Realm is the first and largest plane to be born in the vast universe.

Not only is Heaven and Earths Profound Qi denser than the Lower Realms, but it is also the most stable place.

Hence it could accommodate all those high levelled practitioners that Lower Realm could not accommodate.”

“God Realms inheritance had lasted for hundreds of thousands of years since it split off from the primal chaos, and there are various sizes of forces within this place.

Among these forces, the strongest twelve families had already existed in God Realm since primal chaos.

All of them own an exclusive powerful bloodline and they could use their bloodlines to tame spiritual beasts.

Hence they are named as the ancient God clans.”

“Ancient God clans have mighty power and all of them control one of the twelve continents in God Realm.

Among them, the Sacred Phoenix Continent in the East belongs to Sacred Phoenix Race.

The Ice Serpent Continent belongs to the Ice Serpent Clan in the North… Cloudy Qilin clan controls the Cloudy Qilin Continent in the West…”

The opening chapter of the introduced the demarcation of the various forces in God Realm.

Huang Yueli studied the contents related to the twelve God clans and after the literal introduction, there was also an illustrative map attached to it.

Huang Yueli frowned when she took a look at it.

“How can this be! Cloudy Qilin Continent and Sacred Phoenix Continents distance is the furthest away!”

Sacred Phoenix Continent, Veracious Wyvern Continent, and some others were closest to Soul Connection Ocean.

It would only take around a fortnight to reach these continents if one set off from Serene Rain Town.

But Cloudy Qilin Continent and Sacred Phoenix Continent were in the opposite direction and it was also the furthest from the Soul Connection Ocean.

If she wanted to go to Cloudy Qilin Continent, she would have to pass through five different continents.

Based on the vast land spreading across God Realm, it would probably take around half a year for her to reach there on foot…

“Half a year… it actually takes such a long time! This…”

Huang Yueli was extremely disappointed.

She originally thought that she would meet with Li Moying very soon!

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Whoever knew that this matter wasnt as simple as she thought!

But she merely sighed a little while and stopped thinking too much into it.

Anyway, no matter how difficult it was, no one could stop her from looking for her husband!

Huang Yueli quickly decided and continued to read.

When she saw the last few pages, her eyes suddenly lit up!

This book introduced God Realms various transportation methods and one of them was the long-range teleportation array.

These teleportation arrays were set up by various large forces powerful Array Masters so that one could overcome the long-distance difficulty of traveling in God Realm.

There were many types of teleportation arrays, and the small ones could teleport one to a thousand miles distance in one go.

As for the large ones, it could teleport one from a continent to another continent which was a fast and convenient mode of transportation.

But this kind of teleportation arrays defect was also clearly seen.

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