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Chapter 2910: Quit While Youre Ahead (1)

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The young Spiritual Armament Master who questioned her was speechless.

Sky Gem Glass Chamber indeed did not stop outsiders from entering the place.

However, outsiders usually didnt have the ability to come in at all!

After Huang Yueli said that, he didnt know how to retort at all.

After a while later, he came back to his senses and hurriedly said, “Then… then surely you cant just barge into the other places recklessly in this manner right After you entered the place, dont you know how to find someone to ask Where are your manners”

Huang Yueli merely swept him a glance.

“I wanted to find someone to ask but werent all of you busy None of you were free to entertain me.

So I thought I shouldnt bother you guys!”

“Dont spout rubbish, we…” The Spiritual Armament Master wanted to rebuke but he saw the beautiful Spiritual Armament Master from the corner of his eye and his anger immediately subsided.

He was the admission staff on duty today but because of a beautiful woman, he had neglected his duties.

If the Branch President saw this, he would definitely be scolded.

Thinking of this, he gave a hurried cough and said, “Ughh, right, we were a little busy earlier! Why didnt you come over to remind me about this Alright, come over here to proceed with the registration!”

He quickly went back to his seat and indicated for Huang Yueli to go over.

It so happened that she also had some questions to ask, hence she walked over directly.

“Whats your name Youre not someone from our Flame Square City, right”

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Huang Yueli nodded and said, “Thats right, I am…” She registered herself using that fake identity once again.

The admission staff instantly revealed a shocked expression.

“What Youre a Lower Realm ascender!! Right, from your dressing, you indeed do look like one.

But… but since youre just ascended, how could you… how could you possibly enter our Sky Gem Glass Chamber Has someone taught you the way before this”

Huang Yueli replied calmly, “The mechanism and array at the entrance arent very difficult, so why do you think I cant come in”

“Not… not considered difficult Are you joking” The Spiritual Armament Masters eyes widened in shock, as he looked at Huang Yueli in disbelief.

“To a genuine Spiritual Armament Master, that array is the basics for starters! But youre not a Spiritual Armament Master, right”

Huang Yueli replied nonchalantly, “although I am not God Realms Spiritual Armament Master, we do have Armament Masters in our Golden Ray Continent.

In the past when I was in the Lower Realm, I was well versed in this, so the array and mechanisms at the entrance isnt a problem for me!”

“But…” The Spiritual Armament Master frowned, as his mind was full of puzzlement.

There were indeed Armament Masters in the Lower Realm but refining ordinary Profound Armaments and refining Spirit or Treasure Armaments were completely two different matters!

The principle of armament refining was different, not to mention that to become a Spiritual Armament Master, the requirement for the practitioners innate talent was very high.

It wasnt something that ordinary Armament Masters could compare with!

For so many years, there had been so many ascended Armament Masters who wanted to learn the art of refining Spirit Armaments.

But in the end, only a handful of them succeeded.

This was the first time he came across someone like Huang Yueli, who came alone to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, without anyones help.

If what this lad said was true, wouldnt that mean that his innate talent in armament refining was ridiculously high

The admission Spiritual Armament Master was stunned, not daring to believe that such a thing would happen.

However, Huang Yueli got a little impatient.

When she saw him keeping quiet, she opened her mouth and asked, “I came to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber to find out if theres any way which can allow me to become a Spiritual Armament Master as soon as possible”

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