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Chapter 2913: Quit While Youre Ahead (4)

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As expected, the admission officers surprised look only lasted for a second and he immediately walked up.

“I didnt expect an ordinary-looking lad like you to have such innate talent! Metal and fire dual attributes are both at earth grade genius level.

As long as you can find a good Master, you will be able to become a high ranking Spiritual Armament Master.

If youre lucky enough, you might be able to become a Sky Gem Grandmaster!”

Hearing that, Huang Yuelis vision swept past the innate talent assessment apparatus.


Earth grade lower level genius standard!

This kind of innate talent was considered pretty good in God Realm.

Other than disciples from large forces, it was difficult for most ordinary practitioners to reach this level.

It was even rarer for both metal and fire dual attributes to reach earth grade.

So no wonder the admission Spiritual Armament Master sounded a little sour as if he was jealous.

Huang Yueli courteously asked, “Oh no, I wouldnt dare think so far.

So in this case, am I considered as an official Spiritual Armament apprentice now”

The admission officer said, “Theres still the power of comprehension and memory assessments.

Come over here!”

The second assessment was to make Huang Yueli read a paragraph of the Armament Refining Encyclopedia, then distribute the materials according to the description she had read.

To Huang Yueli, this was a piece of cake, and she completed it with ease.

When the admission officer saw Huang Yuelis hands swiftly moving and completed the distribution swiftly, his eyeballs almost dropped on the ground!

A Lower Realm ascender might not even have heard of these materials, but she was able to grasp the method of distribution so quickly!

This power of comprehension… she had simply crushed all the young Spiritual Armament Masters in their Flame Square City branch office.

Huang Yueli put down the materials in her hand and turned to the admission officer.

“Alright, what do I have to do next”

He came to his senses and hurriedly said, “Alright, youve done well in these two assessments.

After I report this to the Elder, you will become Sky Gem Glass Chambers junior Spiritual Armament apprentice!”

The admission officer returned to the room where the elderly man was sitting quietly.

He bent down and whispered into the Elders ear.

The elderly man originally wasnt paying any attention but after he heard that, his eyes lit up.

Raiding his head, he beckoned to Huang Yueli.

“Lad, come over here!”

Huang Yuelis brows rose and she listened and walked over.

The elderly man sized Huang Yueli up and down, then said, “You really are a Lower Realm ascender! I didnt expect you to have such high innate talent, so you are a rough diamond! I appreciate your talent, so you can stay with me from now on!”

The admission officers eyes revealed a hint of jealousy when he heard what the elderly man said!

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Evidently, from what the elderly man meant, he was intending to take Huang Yueli as his disciple!

This Grandmaster Bai looked very normal but he was one of the Sky Gem Grandmasters in Flame Square City! So many people wished that he would take interest in them!

Whoever knew, he took fancy to a country bumpkin who ascended from the Lower Realm!

Thinking of this, the admission officer started to regret bringing her over, and the gaze he cast on her was rather unfriendly.

Grandmaster Bai squinted his eyes and waited for Huang Yueli to kneel in ecstasy to pay her greetings to him.

However, she merely went into a blank and waved her hand decisively, “This… this Grandmaster, thank you for your offer, but Im just passing by Flame Square City..

I have no intention to stay for long, so I wont be able to learn how to refine Spirit Armaments from you.”

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